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Top 5 Video Streaming Apps and Video Streaming Services

The number of users increasing rapidly and blooming firstly in the sector of the internet. Due to the increasing number of internet users, our way of entertainment changed a lot. Before the internet, when someone wants to watch a show, there are the only TV.

Best Video Streaming Apps For Movies And TV Shows

Best Video Streaming Apps


You have to wait long for your favorite TV show hours to watch. Now the time and technology changed the way. Well, Now watching TV shows are not a good option, due to hectic lifestyle, less compatibility with timings, better to choose digital media. Now you all know that where you can access the digital content, films, and shows. Yes! in video streaming apps.

There are many video streaming apps available online. Some of them are free to use, and some of them charge some bucks to watch premium content. Many of the streaming apps add latest films after just releasing. Many more fun contents and more realistic series. Let’s discuss the top 5 video streaming apps.

Before discussing more the streaming app topic, you must know why people are adopting streaming apps instead of TV. Right?

  • Most of the app contents are available for free.
  • You can access the contents anytime, anywhere with just an internet.
  • You can choose your Film, show or documentary. Whatever you wish to watch.
  • Cheaper than cable TV packages.
  • Wide level language support.
  • Not only with your smartphone, but you can also watch on your TV too.
  • The video clarity is also better than traditional TV. HD and UHD supported.

1] Netflix

Netflix is one of the subscription-based video streaming platforms. Using this platform, you can watch many national, international shows, and films. You can download the app, which is available for both iOS and Android. These app charges are very minimal. Also, you can enjoy 1-month free trial subscription too.

Netflix for Android

Netflix for iOS

2] Amazon Prime Video

Amazon itself develops this video streaming platform. You can enjoy thousands of TV shows and Films using Amazon Prime Video. You can also download the app, which is available for both iOS and Android.

For the Indian user, this platform has unlimited numbers of film collections. You can buy the subscription to enjoy the ultimate fun. If you Amazon Prime Video subscription, there are many other perks are there too.

Amazon Prime Video for Android

Amazon Prime Video for iOS

3] Hotstar

Another best platform to watch online videos, including movies, dramas, and live TV shows. Hotstar is the platform which is hosting Live World Cup Cricket matches during the ICC World Cup 2019.

Using this app, you can access to 100,000 hours of drama and movies in 17+ languages. With the premium package, you can watch a bunch of latest and trend contents too. You can download the app, which is available on iOS and Android.

Hotstar for Android

Hotstar for iOS

4] Hulu

Hulu is one of the fantastic video streaming apps. Using Hulu, you can access many current broadcast and cable TV shows. Hulu is not less than Amazon Prime and Netflix; this platform also creates its original contents. Hulu has four different types of subscription packages.

You have to pay $5.99 per month for the ad-included plan or get the premium subscription of the same for free via videoder apk, $11.99-per-month for no ads plan. $44.99 ad-included method, in which you can access live TV. $50.99 per month for the no-ads version. You can download the Hulu app, which is available for both iOS and Android.

Hulu for Android

Hulu for iOS

5] HBO Now

The HBO Now is one of the best services for those who got bored of cable TV or else for them who wants to watch the movie and shows anywhere & anytime. HBO has a comprehensive film and video library. The pricing per month is also not that expensive. You can download the Android or iOS version of this app to enjoy it.

HBO NOW for Android



We tried to provide all the possible information about the topic top 5 video streaming apps. However, there are other apps too. But we tried only list the best ones. If you want more information about video streaming apps and their features, then let us know.

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