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Saint Suppapong: Biography, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Education, Family & House

Singer and actor Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana hails from Thailand. “Saint” is the moniker that his fans have given him. The character he played as Pete in the television series “Love by Chance” is what made him most famous. Saint Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana’s agency, height, Instagram, girlfriend, education, family, and home will all be made clear in this post.

Saint Suppapong Biography

Bio, Education and Family

On Friday, April 17, 1998, Saint Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana was born in Thailand. His friends simply call him Saint, but his full name is Saint Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana. Saint’s zodiac animal is a tiger, and his spirit animal is a hawk. He was born into the Millennial Generation. Those who were born in the year of the tiger are highly self-sufficient and confident in themselves. They love taking on the role of leader and protector of common people. They will never back down from a fight and have a strong sense of fairness. Their primary shortcoming is their carelessness, which makes them fail. But they never really fall short. Tigers always manage to bounce back and ultimately emerge victorious.

Aries is the sign of the zodiac for those born on April 17. The first sign of the zodiac, Aries, enjoys holding the top spot. Naturally, rivalry exists among those born under the potent fire sign. The audacious and driven sign of Aries charges headlong into even the most challenging circumstances, and they always prevail. Pete, a series regular in the Thai drama Love by Chance on LINE TV, was cast. He was born in Thailand’s Trat province.


The actor is probably not dating right now. In disclosing details about his personal life, Saint Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana keeps quiet and avoids the spotlight. Saint might be seeing someone secretly even if no information about their relationship has been made public. It’s probably not prudent to conclude too quickly.


In 2018, Saint made his acting debut in the Thai BL series Love by Chance, costarring Tanapon Sukumpantanasan as Ae (Intouch) and portraying Pete (Pitchaya). He became well-known throughout East and Southeast Asia, as well as several regions of Europe, America, and Latin America, thanks to his performance. As a gift to his fan club, he released his debut track, “I Crush on You,” on July 14, 2019, which he co-produced and invested in. In the same year, he joined the boy band KissBoysTH, of which there are five members in total. The goal of this project is to produce a variety of shows and music.

He co-starred with Pruk Panich as Fighter (Pipakron) in Why R U?: The Series, where he portrayed the lead part of Tutor (Sattakhun) at the beginning of 2020. In the television series Let’s Fight Ghost (Thailand), he was also cast in the lead role of Aof (Issawa), with Patchanan Jiajirachote playing Jean (Jidapa). The show was slated to premiere in late 2020. However, Let’s Fight Ghost (Thailand)’s broadcast schedule was pushed back to 2021 due to national precautions put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19. He began his enterprise in 2020 with a popcorn dessert company. Its goal is to boost the local economy. The Idol Factory Co., Ltd. was founded on April 24 to produce television shows.

In the film Von The (Begging You), Saint featured with Phiravich Attachitsataporn, Peemapol Panichtamrong, and Sarika Sathsilpsupa on December 24, 2020. He was chosen for the main part in the 2021 television series Sing Again (Thailand), which was slated to premiere in late 2021. In July, he served as an MC for Workpoint Channel’s T-Pop Stage music programme. In addition, with respect to his background in behind-the-scenes work, he started out as a drama organiser and producer on the television show “Secret Crush On You The Series.” With this series, the Idol Factory camp made its Channel 3 premiere in early 2022, addressing the LGBT equality problem.

In the Thai BL series Secret Crush on You, a school outcast develops an obsession with the campus jock. The main character is obsessed with a well-liked college student. Surveillance images, priceless keepsakes, and even a life-sized pillow adorn his bedroom. He is startled when his idol begins to show interest in him. Their relationship shifts from one of covert adoration to developing love. Despite having a quirky beginning, Secret Crush on You quickly grows old. This ridiculously lengthy fourteen-episode sitcom features trite romances, offbeat humor, a flimsy premise, and needless fluff. There are many of sleazy BL scenes that are all filled with lustful physical intimacy. Beyond these sensual interactions, the meandering narrative lacks depth, maturity, and direction.

Toh is a bashful undergraduate in the Department of visual arts. He forms a close-knit gang of social misfits with Jao, Daisy, and Som, with whom he is excellent friends. The popular jock on the basketball team, Nuea, is the object of Toh’s secret crush. The engineering student Nuea is well-known on campus and has a large following. Prao, one of the cool kids, is said to be his girlfriend. Toh’s feelings for Nuea are too deep for him to admit. Rather, he is content to see his hero from a distance. But Toh’s infatuation has grown into an obsession. He enjoys collecting various mementos, sneaking about taking pictures, and spying on Nuea. Surveillance images, mementos, and even a life-sized pillow of Nuea adorn Toh’s bedroom. Even though he acts so intensely, they have never met or spoken before. Toh, a passionate photographer, captured a remarkable image of Nuea during a basketball match. There is a lot of talk about this picture on campus. A common friend named Thep alerts Toh about an unforeseen work opportunity. Toh’s portfolio has impressed Nuea’s sister. He is the photographer she wants to hire for her impending birthday celebration. Toh is overjoyed since it enables him to go to Nuea’s house and have intimate conversations with him.

Through their mutual photography employment, Toh and Nuea officially meet. When it comes to his crush, Toh is exuberant and awkward, saying the wrong things all the time. Nevertheless, the birthday celebration brings them closer together. Toh and Jao participate in a party game with Nuea’s pals. As a result, Toh and Nuea nearly share their first kiss. They keep coming up with reasons to visit each other after the celebration. Toh is appreciative and shocked that Nuea is focusing on him. His crush sends him love signals as well. Toh, on the other hand, finds it hard to believe that Nuea could feel the same way about him. Jao meets Sky, Nuea’s buddy, at the party in the meantime. For a week, Sky is challenged by the game to flirt with Jao. Even though it’s just friendly flirting at first, as they spend more time together, genuine feelings develop. After the week is done, Sky shows his boyfriend that he cares about him by showing him lots of attention and compliments. Jao doesn’t seem eager to reciprocate these emotions, though. He believes that Sky has a bad reputation for not taking committed long-term relationships seriously. Jao also experiences insecurities and self-consciousness about his physical attributes, particularly his weight.

Executive producer

  • Secret Crush On You (2022)
  • GAP The Series (2022)
  • The Sign (2023)
  • Dream (2023)
  • Loyal Pin (2023)


  • Von The Movie (Begging You) (2020)
  • Death Is All Around (2023)

Television series

  • Love by Chance (2018)
  • Reminders (2019)
  • 2 Brothers (2019)
  • Bai Mai Tee Plid Plew (The Leaves) (2019)
  • My Love From Another Star (2019)
  • TharnType: The Series (2020)
  • TharnType Special: Our Final Love (2020)
  • Why R U? (2020)
  • Love by Chance 2: A Chance to Love (2020)
  • Let’s Fight Ghost (2021)
  • Mae Krua Kon Mai (My Mischievous Flancee) (2021)
  • Secret Crush On You (2022)
  • Sing Again (2022)
  • School Tales (A Walk in School) (2022)
  • GAP The Series (2022)
  • Laorchan (2024)
  • Jai Pisut (2024)
  • Duj Apsorn (2024)
  • Pon Chiwan (2024)
  • Love Life Balance
  • Happiness

Music video

  • นา นา นา (2018)
  • TRUTH or DARE (2019)
  • นี่คือรักใช่ไหม (2020)
  • Innocent (2022)
  • ตั้งใจมารักข้างเดียวอยู่แล้ว (2022)
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