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Chinese model and actor Wang You Jun began his career in the modeling world in 2016. He formally made his television acting debut in 2019, and he has since been involved in both the film and television industries. The Battle Between Chefs, My Girlfriend is an Alien, Way Back Into Love, Court Lady, and The Heart of Genius are some of his best-known pieces. Discover the birthday, age, height, weight, net worth, biography, family history, and awards of Chinese actor Wang You Jun.

Wang You Jun Biography

Bio, Education and Family

On January 16, 1997, Wang You Jun was born in Cangzhou, Hebei, China. Clematis aristata is Wang You Jun’s natal flower, and he was born under the sign of Capricorn. His sibling is older. Chow Yun Fat and Stephen Chow are two of his favorite actors. enjoys exercising. For the play, he took fencing lessons. Wang Youjun enjoys reading literature. Wang You Jun completed his studies at the University of China, where he majored in communication. He is not married. He is a hardworking young actor who is single.


2016 was the beginning of his modeling career. In 2018, Wang You Jun made his feature film debut as “Xiao Ji Li” in the film “The Battle Between Chefs.” He then made his broadcast debut in 2019 and has been active ever since. He primarily performs in supporting parts. Wang You Jun is a well-known Chinese actor who has been working since 2016. He has acted in over 13 television shows and two films back-to-back, which has made him one of the wealthiest celebrities in the Chinese entertainment sector. As of 2023–2024, his estimated net worth is between $.5 million and $1 million. Being a professional television actor and model for brand endorsements is Wang You Jun’s main source of income.

The 2019 Chinese online drama My Girlfriend is an Alien tells the story of an alien girl who unintentionally crashes on Earth and is now attempting to find her way back home. There’s a catch, though: she becomes entangled in a human man’s life and loses sight of her primary goal, which is to return home. The “Cape Town Planet” alien girl Chai Xiaoqi was forced to stay on Earth after losing her signal. She worked for an oppressive employer named Fang Leng, who had “rainy weather heterosexual amnesia” and would forget about the women in his immediate vicinity. Since then, a passionate and humorous cross-star love tale has begun. In addition to being extraterrestrial, Chai Xiaoqi was a true-handed witch. After she breathed in the hormone that men on Earth release, she would enter a “flowery state” and encounter a lot of odd people. Chai Xiaoqi utilized her many superpowers to solve accident after accident in order to remain on the planet where humans exist. Chai Xiao Qi, a resident of the planet Cape Town, is delayed on Earth after misplacing her homing device. She’s not just any extraterrestrial; she’s a charming pro at pursuing men. Her deepest inhibitions are released and she becomes a total fangirl as soon as she inhales men’s hormones. It’s like a narcotic. Chai Xiao Qi must constantly use her supernatural skills to get out of sticky situations in order to survive among humans. In the meantime, Fang Leng is an oppressive CEO who experiences heterosexual amnesia every time it rains, making him forget about the ladies in his immediate vicinity. In the end, these peculiar circumstances between Fang Leng and Chai Xiao Qi result in a humorous romance.

Chinese romantic drama All the Way to the Sun (2023). The cast of All the Way to the Sun: Wang Yang, Naomi Wang, and Landy Li. Li Mu Jia After graduating, Li Mu Jia, a girl from Beidiao, was admitted into Beijing’s most prestigious legal office and put in a lot of effort to become an independent lawyer rather than an administrative assistant. After meeting Li Guang, a devoted mall shopper, she started getting to know him and the two of them grew close through all of life’s highs and lows. Meanwhile, Tian Rong, Li Mu Jia’s best friend, was unable to secure an internship following her graduation. She accidentally became a real estate agent after graduating, and she soon got married to a Beijing boy named Li Wan Bing. Her marriage and work caused her emotional distress, and she struggled. After several obstacles, Li Mu Jia and Tian Rong were able to get the answer they were looking for. The girls’ aspirations were followed, and their ambition for their lives drastically changed how they appeared to the outside world. But after ten long years of arduous labor and tenacity, they at last saw the bright side of the globe and managed to reach the sunshine.

Sheng Chu Mo was born into luxury as the son of one of the founding pillars of the Tang Empire, and he has never felt the need to pursue anything beyond living a comfortable life. His life was one of sloth and frivolity; he had no goals, no direction, and no ambition. However, that all changed the day he laid eyes on Fu Rou. Fu Rou, a local merchant’s daughter, never thought she would have the ability to bring out the best in people, but that is precisely what occurs when she first meets Sheng Chu Mo. Chu Mo is immediately taken aback by the much better Fu Rou and makes a promise to improve himself in order to earn Fu Rou’s love. Chu Mo dedicates himself to his studies, maturing and gaining knowledge in the hopes that one day he will be deserving enough to approach Fu Ruo about marrying her. Over time, he finds himself offering to serve his country by protecting the coast from a group of renegade pirates, continuing in his father’s footsteps. Fu Rou embarks on a different road, while Chu Mo follows his path to fame. After moving away from home to train as a master weaver at the royal palace, she quickly becomes involved in intrigues that could endanger not just her family but even herself. Chu Mo and Fu Rou are walking pathways that do not typically intersect, thus their only means of overcoming the increasing number of foes and barriers in their path is by their cunning and skill.


  • Angels Fall Sometimes
  • The Monkey King 3
  • Unlimited Sea in Love
  • Qian Tu Wu Liang
  • Born to Run
  • All the Way to the Sun
  • The Neuron Doctors
  • My Calorie Boy
  • The Examination for Everyone
  • My Girlfriend Is an Alien Season 2
  • The Heart of Genius
  • Court Lady
  • Brilliant Girls
  • Way Back Into Love
  • My Fantastic Mrs Right
  • My Fantastic Mrs Right Season 2
  • Boys to Men
  • My Girlfriend Is an Alien
  • Fall in Love


  • Fox Monster in Capital (2018)
  • The Battle Between Chefs (2018)
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