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12 Keys to Winning True Followers on Twitter – Boost Twitter Followers

The slow, but strategically to win LIVE followers can list the 12 keys:

Tips for Boost the Twitter Followers

1) Create a complete profile with all necessary data

When you create your account on Twitter or if you already have created, take the time to customize your profile, it will not take long.

Winning True Followers Twitter

2) Try to make your bio is descriptive

This is very important because it will give an idea who is coming to your profile about whom you are and why you should follow. To fill your bio think someone in an elevator ask you: Who are you and what do you do? And obviously you must respond quickly. And with that you have a guide to what you should put in those 160 characters.

3) Presents a picture or representative picture

Avoid leaving your profile without image or use a false image. If you want to leverage your personal brand, your best representation is a picture of you where you see your face clearly. If your account is for a brand, then you must use your logo.

4) Use a custom profile background

If the 160 characters of Twitter bio does not get you, the Twitter background gives you the opportunity to be a little more descriptive @. You can add your accounts on other networks, web or blog, your email and a brief description of what you do. NOTE: Not that’ll fill the background text.

Winning True Followers Twitter

5) Use hashtags to identify your publications depending on the theme you’re trying

Ex.: If you speak on a topic related to android, iPhone, music, Google, Windows, etc. You can build the tweet placing the HT to some of the words, so if anyone seeking information about see your post and the best visit your profile, see your timeline, will be interested in what you publish and if you feel IDENTIFY @, and have a safe follower.

Winning True Followers Twitter

6) Interact.  Web 2.0 is based on bidirectional communication, interaction among users

The idea of being on a network like Twitter is to share your content and also consume what others share, so you should spend time reading your timeline to retransmit the information, and should take particular those mentions that make you responding purposes. In this way you show your followers and who speaks to you that you care what I have to say that your presence in that medium is human and attached to the concept of Culture 2.0 This also is a way to network, expand your network contacts, reaching even further and establish true and lasting relationships. Buy Twitter Retweets could be a good idea for initially boost your account.

7) Add a link to your Twitter account to your blog, your website or your other social networks

Thus, if a surfer visits your blog and like what you write, it is likely that the next step is to follow, since quite possibly want to establish a more direct contact with you. Twitter for this is excellent.

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8) Add your Twitter account to sign your email

This is a way for the people you communicate in this way know you have an account. Expose your brand via e IS NOT SIN.

9) Have a good handle on your own

So, I mean being Educate @. comedid @, decent, have good spelling, organization and be consistent. Both who follows you like your future fans will appreciate how you get on to write. Really bad taste contrary to this behavior. To guide you on the best way to handle yourself in the online environment, you can read about the Netiquette .Tween and retweets make your account popular. So when you decide to buy retweet from the user check reviews for buying retweets.

10) Keep your clean timeline

I am very meticulous in that sense, I like to read me will understand what I say, even when making a RT a tweet that has already been retweeted several times tried to highlight text and organize it so that they are not so many “RT” and users in the middle of text difficult to read.

Winning True Followers Twitter

11) Avoid obsessed by followers and avoid more manifest in the network

Believe me I read in your bio or on your timeline  “Follow me and I follow”  or  “Please Follow me”  instead of making you gain followers them away from you. Even you will lose those already following you. Remember that the decision to follow the person’s will and not because they feel pressured to do so. I’m not saying that having followers is not important because without them is meaningless Twitter, but never more important than sharing valuable content or establish a relationship of trust with your followers.

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12) Be genuin

Do not try to imitate anyone, or projecting someone you’re not, I know your same you, be original and give a different touch to everything you do

These keys are fully linked standards courtesy of Twitter since its purpose rather than give you a method to gain followers is to teach you to manage your account optimally, but in doing so it is inevitable that the followers come by simple inertia.

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  • I never won twitter followers, I don’t know how but every time I failed on twitter.
    Finally You suggested me some good ideas to make it possible. I hope it will work for me 🙂 Thanks for the article 🙂