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8 Ways to Print From Your Mobile or Tablets [Infographic]

Making the most of Technology can really help you to improve your productivity and get more done. For example, if you use your mobile device to get work done, being able to print directly from that device can be very advantageous. While using the Cloud and other online data storage centres you will be able to easily share documents between people and devices. You will be able to print from the Internet, even if you are in your car, in the store or on the subway – just press the button and your document will be waiting for you when you return home.

Print From Mobile Tablet

In this fascinating Infographic from Stinky Ink, you will be able to see a range of different mobile applications that allow you to print on the go. Click here to see the Infographic directly from the creator’s website for yourself. Some apps are suited to particular printers or devices, while others can work on a range of technology. For example, the application Print Hammermill is designed to work with multiple printer brands and it can connect with the printer over Bluetooth, Wi-fi or USB. The Lexmark Mobile Printing app is free and works with Lexmark printers, connecting over a network by using a QR code.

Print from Your Mobile or Tablet

These mobile printing apps will allow you to get more work done, without having to be continuously chained to your desk. Take a look and see which app suits your printer and Mobile device, so that you can figure out the best option for your needs.

1) Print Central Pro

This particular app comes at a price of about $4.99. This app will allow the iPhone or the iPad users to easily print to the wireless printers and that too in a very simple way. Let us as well discuss some of the features of this particular application.

It can easily convert the web pages, office documents, emails as well as the attachments into the PDF files. It is so powerful that it can remotely print over the 3G/4G networks.

2) Epson iPrint

It is also one of the most convenient ways for the mobile users to print to their over the Wi-Fi. It can easily print and scan to any email enabled Epson printer from anywhere in the world.

It can also print the Microsoft Word documents, Excel, PDF files and the photos.

3) HP all-in-one printer remote

It allows the users to print to HP web enabled printers from their devices. It can easily create high-quality scans of the pictures taken with the device camera and can easily save them as PDF or the JPEG files.

4) Lexmark Mobile Printing

It is usually designed for the smartphone users with the Lexmark printers. It can easily connect with a printer over a network using a QR code or by manually inputting the printers IP address.

5) Samsung Mobile Print

It is a mobile printing app for the Samsung Laser Printers.

6) Print Jinni

So while the Users have to pay for the PrintJinni to take the advantage of it the app is available on a wide variety of the devices and allow its users to print with a number of different printer brands.

7) Print Hammermill

This particular app allows its users to print the documents to multiple printer brands from one place.

8) Apple AirPrint

This app allows its users to print the documents to multiple printer brands from one place.


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