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7 Benefits of Using a Mobile App for Education

Education is one of the most prominent aspects of any child’s life. Now, what was believed to be a distraction for the students and detrimental to learning has become a savior.

Mobile apps can prove to be a boon for kids’ education. And if anything, made education more accessible. It expanded the horizons of learning from what is taught in the classroom.

Using Mobile Apps In Education


E-learning app development is an emerging and exponentially growing trend that is helping students around the world in numerous ways. Mobile apps for education have major benefits and can impact their studying habits in a positive way.

If you need convincing as to why students should opt for mobile apps instead of textbooks, then let us clear the air about these mobile apps and gain unbiased insights into its benefits and the role it can play in enhancing the studying process.

1] Enhanced Student-engagement

It is well known that interactive learning methods are more stimulating to the mind and encourage students towards learning. Now, there are apps available for all skill levels and provide students with engaging Q & A exercises, video tutorials, and educational games related to their selected subject.

It removes the boredom out of learning and makes it more fun. It proves to be much more effective than only using the old-school black-board method.

2] Unconfined Learning

Unlike before, now students can learn and study for their course and subjects. Using mobile phones is already common so why not get something valuable out of them. With the help of educational apps, teachers can give interactive homework and assignments to the students.

Moreover, kids can learn on their own and take the help of such apps when in need of any help. Apps are more feasible and portable than the books which enable children to study and learn where ever they want to.

This will definitely eliminate the need for expensive tuition required for the kids, as unlike a teacher, these apps are available 24*7, and just a tap away.

3] More focus on Individual Student

In a class full of students, it is not humanly possible for any teacher to attend every student all the time. Moreover, a student may not understand a certain topic and by the time they grasp onto that topic, the class has moved forward to something entirely new.

This problem can be avoided with the help of educational mobile apps. Students can take the help of these apps and keep up with the progress, as the study sessions are precisely for a particular student and not for more than one.

4] Beneficial for Teachers and Parents

Teachers can make lesson plans, gather teaching material around the topics they intend to take up in the class. There are many educational apps available that connect both parents and teachers. Parents do not have to now wait for the quarterly meetings for they can familiarize themselves with their kids’ progress via such apps.

5] Reliable Study Material

If you look at academic books, you will find that the quality of study material available in them is not what it should be. Some guide books are absolutely incompetent and offer no substantial learning material that will be helpful for the students.

In this respect, mobile apps for education are much more proficient and useful for they provide only  credible study material with the latest updates.

6] Utilization of leisure hours

Boring study material and plain books may derive willing students away from studying and they are more likely to devote their leisure time in video games and cartoons.

The attractive methods of teaching in e-learning are found very interesting and engaging by the kids, so instead of playing just games, they can play games and learn simultaneously.

7] Tracking Student Progress

Thanks to mobile apps for educations, it has become facile for students and even parents to keep a track of their progress. Such apps allow students to set goals within the app. For parents, they can accumulate a progress report with factors such as the time spent studying on the app and the understanding factor as well via Q&A exercises.

After taking the above points into considerations, we can confer that mobile apps for education are one of the greatest things Mobile app development has given to the education sector.

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