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6 Best GPS Trackers for Kids In 2019

As children grow up, they want to explore, push boundaries and make their own rules. While freedom is vital to your children’s development, it is important to know where he is when he leaves home.

Whether your child is on a family outing, at an amusement park or on a school trip, a GPS tracker for kids can help you keep track of your child with less worried – giving you the peace of mind that every parent dreams of.

Best GPS Trackers for Kids


Here are the 5 best GPS tracker for kids in 2019 and you can select the one that meets your need.

1] GoFindMe – Best Overall

GoFindMe ranks high on the list of GPS tracker for kids, considered to be the best option of personal GPS tracker for kids and families. It comes in the right size and can be easily attached to a key chain or clipped to a backpack. Integrated with the application, you can track your children, parents, teammates, or pets in real time. There is a SOS button for any emergency.

When your child press the SOS button, you will get an alert with the location information transmitted from your device. The geofence is another great feature to protect your kids.

You can set a safe zone and once your child gets beyond the boundary, you will get an alert and notification immediately. Coming with up to 48 hours of battery life, you need not to charge it frequently.

In fact, the most standout feature of GoFindMe is that it is a real-time tracking device without a monthly fee. The GoFindMe GPS tracker is based on long radio technology that connects you to others (your children, elderly parents or teammates) in a private network environment.

You can share real-time locations, track or send messages without relying on cell or wi-fi networks. No SIM card is required, so there is no monthly fee.

2] Lil TrackerWatch

Lil Tracker is a full-featured GPS watch aimed at children.You need to provide your own a SIM card. This GPS tracking device provides GPS tracking, as well as two-way voice calls, text and one-way calls where you can listen to what’s going on at your child’s location.

At just 1.5 ounces, the watch is lightweight, with comfortable silicone straps and metal buckles. It has a 1.2-inch color touch screen with friendly animated monkeys. It’s rugged and splash-proof, and there’s a completely waterproof version for $20 more.

Lil Tracker stands out from other trackers with its two-way and one-way calls.For two-way calls, you can dial the watch through the application on the smartphone, the watch only accepts calls from the number you are authorized to use in the application.

Children can also call approved contacts by swiping and tapping the touch screen. Holding down the SOS button on the side of the watch will bring up to three pre-programmed numbers in sequence until someone answers.

3] Relay Kids Smartphone

If you want the convenience and security of a GPS tracker for kids without any distractions, this is a good choice. This innovative children’s smartphone offers GPS tracking, nationwide coverage and one-touch communication.It doesn’t have a screen, so you can’t use this fancy device to monitor screen time.

It also includes customizable channels that allow you to set up individual or group chats.This means your child can reach mom, dad or the entire family at the click of a button.There are also some interesting features, such as a music player and a speech converter with sound effects.

There is no long-term contract with Relay, so you just need to pay for the service.Custom channels make it easy for your child to stay in touch with everyone.

If you have more than one child with a Relay, you can set up a chat for each child individually, or create a group that can all be called dinner at the touch of a button.One drawback of Relay is not wearable. Your child must carry it in his or her pocket or backpack, which means you must rely on them to bring it at all time.


Most child GPS trackers are small and compact, but if you prefer a significantly smaller GPS child tracker with a simple interface, AMERICALOC GL300W may be good for you.With one of the simplest interfaces, you can find your child at anywhere.

What is more, it is also a great car tracking device.One of the most impressive features of the GL300WGPS tracker is the long battery life.Unlike most GPS trackers, the simple and compact AMERIALOC can last up to two weeks before its battery life runs out. Despite its simplicity and small size, it offers surprising accurate real-time tracking and can even send alerts and notifications to your smartphone.

On the downside, the look isn’t exactly child-friendly, unlike many other children’s GPS trackers. But the AMERICALOC GL300W is a great device to put something in your child’s backpack.It comes with no contract, activation, or cancelation fees.

5] AngelSense Kids’ GPS Tracker

There are many known cases where disabled children wander and get lost. AngelSense was founded with a purpose: to help protect these children. In addition to the plethora of tracking features – from safe zone settings to 30-second updates – AngelSense’s listen-in feature allows parents to listen to their children’s daily lives, ensuring they are not abused, neglected or lost.

With AngelCall two-way voice, you can talk to your child at any time without worrying about buttons or clicking on anything to chat with. In addition, you can see the diary log of your child entering data every 30 seconds.

6] AmbyGear Wizard Smartwatch

Kids love rewards – now their GPS watches can help you promote good behaviors. The AmbyGear Wizard smartwatch not only tracks your kids, but also keeps them busy all day long, enjoying fun games and learning activities. Every time your child does something right, the watch rewards them with positive reinforcement and points.

Unlike other child tracking devices, this locator allows your child to track you.This feature comes in handy when your child is panicking or scared. Your child collects points for activities you set up (such as being on time for school) and they can redeem them for rewards.

The device is equipped with a wide range of learning activities to teach children to be more responsible. But remember, with so much fun to do on this device, your child may get distracted and lose focus on priorities.

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