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Does The iOS App Store Allow Gambling With Real Money?

Enjoying online gambling games through your mobile phone, such as the Apple iPhone 6 is possible. The iOS App Store does allow you to gamble with real money because they are a portal for the app downloads and not the producers behind them.

Does Apple Allow Real Money Gambling iOS Apps?

Gambling With Real Money

The apps sold in the Apple Store are produced by independent companies. To make things better for the app store users, the iOS App Store does offer some guidelines for how to stay safe when you enjoy your favorite games. The guide will help you discover the safe and fair way to play your favorite games online, for real money.

It should be mentioned that it is only recently the iOS App Store has allowed casino and mobile gambling apps to officially be on their website. The apps where not permitted, downloaded, or advertised on the iOS App Store.

Part of the reason the App Store withheld their permission was due to the general public being able to download the app without indicating whether the person was old enough to play the games or be in the casino.

However, most of the apps are designed to be tracked by the producer of the app. It means the in-app spending and game play is regulated by the operators of the mobile app and casino games.

To ensure everything is fair and safe, once one downloads the app, the operator checks to see if the person is in a country where real money gambling, sports betting, and casino games is permitted. Given the operator’s position and legal standing, Apple has relented to allow advertisements and downloads of the apps.

App developers and gambling operators are the ones that will have to enforce the rules. The only thing Apple states is that the app must be totally free for the download. In other words, you can put the app on your phone or other iOS device without paying for it.

The licenses the operator has needs to be transparent and offer their fair play statement before a person logs in or signs up for the real money options. Gambling is not supposed to be permitted through the app where it is illegal.

Credit is unavailable through the in-app purchases, meaning a person can use a credit card, but they cannot use a loan or other unsavory type of real money play.

Gambling on a mobile device has become huge in the last few years. People want to enjoy their favorite games wherever they may be, which is why individual games, sports betting apps, and poker apps are all available.

There are full casino options too, but for the person who wants to save phone memory they can search for one of the more popular games in app form and download it. The games contain the same graphics and entertainments as the online website or desktop download offer.

Mobile Apps Gambling

Apple, moving into the casino app world has also made an excellent choice. They are not liable for the apps in the store, but at least they are allowing these games to be available to players.

Before you Download

Before you download any app, casino or otherwise, you want to check the legitimacy of the operator.

  1. Examine the reviews about the app.
  2. See if the app is popular or if it has low ratings.
  3. Read the license information and double check it against the full casino version.
  4. Do not give your personal information until you are sure of the app operator.
  5. Try to use safe online money to fund your account, such as an e-wallet instead of a credit card.

You ultimately want to protect your data from any inappropriate app. Apple does their due diligence, but you still need to ensure your safety. When it comes to fair play, reading the reviews and searching around on the net, will help you discover what company’s and games are fair.

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