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How To Style Slides With Different Styled Pants

We already all know that slides are the perfect shoe. They’re comfortable, affordable and extremely stylish. Even though they’re stylish, what’s the best way to wear them? Do they really go with everything?

Okay, so they might not go with everything (pretty much just not formal wear). Aside from formal wear, slides could and should be your go-to shoe.

Style Slides With Different Styled Pants

Since you can wear them all year round, there are so many options of what you can wear them with. Below are the three categories with different ways to wear, style, and most importantly, show off your slides!


Jeans are a timeless classic and just like slides, pair well with most things. There are several different cuts and styles of jeans though, so navigating them can be a bit daunting.

Here are some of the most popular cuts out right now with tips and tricks for how to make them look amazing with your slides. For the sake of the shoe tips, these jeans cuts are mainly focused on the different types of pant legs.

Straight leg

Right now, these are the most popular style of jeans, for both men and women, and slides look absolutely great with them!

Since they’re straight, and usually a little tighter around the ankle, they can show off your shoes even more. No wonder people love wearing fun shoes with this style; it’s great to show off any kind of shoe!

Flare jeans

These jeans are pretty much the opposite of the straight leg jeans. Flares are a very retro pant style and the bottom of the pants flare out, as the name implies.

Even though there’s more material covering the ankle, a good way to show off your slides with these is by wearing either platform or heeled slides. This way your shoes can be better seen from the sides.


These are an interesting style, as they can have any type of pant leg: skinny, straight, baggy, flared, etc. This might seem like it’d make figuring out which slides to wear confusing, but it actually makes it easier!

Just keep the other two basic cuts in mind (flare and straight) and go from there. High-waisted jeans are actually fantastic because they give you a lot of stylistic creativity.


Usually worn in the summer months, dresses and skirts are great to wear slides with. They really help your feet breathe and are especially great if you wear them while on the beach.

The best way to wear slides with either skirts or dresses is to wear a dressier slide. By this, I mean, just wear either a leather or cork slide. These materials will make your outfit look cuter and enhance it’s style, without you even having to try anything. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Athletic Wear

Since slides were originally intended to be worn by athletes after matches, it only makes sense that they look great with athletic gear.


Slide sandals and sweatpants are an iconic fashion duo. They’re a classic look and will always be. You can’t go wrong with wearing any slides with your sweatpants.

Because they have become so popular too, many people have adopted this look for everyday wear, instead of just for after athletic activities.

In fact, one of the top looks (even for celebrities), is a pair of grey slides and Adidas sweatpants. It’s both easy to put together and super comfortable!

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