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List Of Dumbest And Stupidest Animals In The World

It is a fact known to all that there are more than 2 million animals over the globe. Since the dinosaurs were found on earth, there was no halt to the evolution of different types of animals. We can’t deny that there is a multitude of species and kinds of animals in the world. It is rather tough to segregate animals against human beings.

Just as the IQ levels of human beings, there are several animals that are not only intelligent but also super-skilled, smart, dumb, and even stupid. Are you wondering about the dumbest and the stupidest animals that exist on the planet? If yes, you’ve clicked on the right post as we will give you a detailed list here. Keep reading to know more.

Dumbest Animals In The World

How are animals classified as stupid or dumb?

Since animals can’t speak or emote, they are classified as stupid and dumb based on how they behave or react in different scenarios.

In a situation where they are seen to be behaving in a way that could damage their existence and their behavioral characteristics, this would be the biggest reason for endangerment from the world. When they do this, this can be classified as a dumb animal.

However, before you enlist an animal as ‘dumb’, you have to seek the opinion of scientists and research data that have been located from all parts of the world. It is not just the research findings of one man but the opinion of all experts in this field. There have already been several research findings that have led to the classification of different species of the animal kingdom.

Only due to the fact that animals can’t speak with each other doesn’t mean that they can be deemed as stupid. The type of opinion people hold towards stupidity is based on cultural settings and personal prejudices.

Based on few common findings, recommendations, and suggestions given by animal enthusiasts and scientists from the globe. While it is true that animal intelligence can never be compared to animal intelligence, it is also true that there are few of the dumbest animals in the world. Check them out.

A checklist of the stupidest and dumbest animals of the world


In the event that you wish to call a person exceptionally lethargic, you would by and large contrast him with a sloth. A sloth is exceptionally imbecilic, sluggish, and idiotic. It is languid to the point that it requires over 30 days to process one single leaf.

They, some of the time, mistake their limbs for the parts of the tree so they wind up falling and harming themselves and now and again the fall is substantial to the point that they die. Sloths continue to rest for the duration of the day and it is said that they leave the parts of the tree just once a month drop a big load.


Kakapo also called parrot owl is discovered for the most part in New Zealand. Notwithstanding realizing the hunter is moving toward it the kakapo gets stoned and doesn’t move that ultimately prompts its passing. It is exceptionally adorable however stupid simultaneously.

Koala Bear

The Koala bear is perhaps the cutest animal on earth found generally across the Australian landmass. It is said that they have the smallest minds among every one of the animals on the planet. Regardless of having four stomachs, they can’t food like eucalyptus leaves. They are extremely unhygienic and spread a lot of sicknesses.

Cane toad

Having an eating routine for the most part containing living and dead animals, they could be found having mating scenes with anything. This prompts the creature to have high paces of fertility with the female amphibian laying in excess of 30,000 eggs all at once.


Jerboa looks pretty much like that of a rodent. They have legs like a sparrow, hop like a kangaroo and run like the roadrunner. Notwithstanding having such great actual characteristics, it can’t discover and secure its food.

Goblin shark

By and large, sharks are viewed as exceptionally canny and sharp-minded, yet this troll shark allows the hunters to eat it up. They are found for the most part across Japan and notwithstanding having the name shark suffixed to it, the animal is moronic.


Turkey is savored by individuals for supper. It is a trained creature in many pieces of the world; however, it is extremely stupid. It drinks water just when it rains from a higher place.

They at times gaze at the sky for quite a long time together gazing at the downpour and they in some cases kick the bucket by consistently gazing and not drinking the water. They additionally in some cases drink an excessive amount of water that they suffocate and die.


Flamingos are pink-shaded long-legged birds. In spite of having two legs, it decides to utilize just a single leg more often than not. It utilizes its beak topsy turvy to get a fish which doesn’t do any great to it. The flamingo expects to act distinctively when contrasted with other comparable bird animals yet winds up being moronic.

Panda bear

The panda is exceptionally adorable but since of their absence of interest in having sexual contact with the female panda, the animal is getting terminated. Regardless of being a flesh-eater, it continues for a herbivorous eating regimen. Now and again a panda gets too forceful that they kill their kids.


Ostrich is quite possibly the most impressive land bird on the planet. Notwithstanding having such great actual characteristics, it is exceptionally stupid for it would avoid reality believing that it has gotten away from the hunter and however they ultimately die. One could with no hesitation, consider an ostrich the most moronic creature.


The long legs of a giraffe make it an interesting-looking creature. Then, at that point, there’s its neck, which can be up to 6 feet in length. Many individuals accept that the giraffe’s neck assists them with getting leaves off tall trees, yet there are a set number of trees in East Africa, where the giraffe lives.

Moreover, the giraffe is a tranquil creature that appears to have very little to say. In this manner, many expect that the giraffe is stupid.

The giraffe’s long legs are helpful as hostile weapons. This creature can kick toward each path with precision. Along these lines, on the off chance that it can draw near to its prey, it can land a deadly blow.

At the point when giraffes feel compromised, they utilize their long necks to swing their heads around like a club. This permits them to take out certain creatures before they can damage or kill them. While giraffes don’t impart frequently, they do send messages to one another.


Killdeer appear to be moronic creatures that surge around constantly shouting their call. This naturally draws consideration from their hunters to themselves.

Pointing out considerably more themselves, they don’t attempt to flee from their hunters. All things being equal, they stop and weave here and there, practically like they have hiccups. These birds even form their homes on the ground, where they have all the earmarks of being simple prey for their hunters.

They should win an Oscar for the most moronic bird acting. At the point when a grown-up killdeer bird detects a hunter close to its home, it runs towards the hunter while shouting its call.

The killdeer bird likewise claims to have a broken wing. Similarly, as the hunter imagines that he will get a delicious dinner, the killdeer takes off in flight and grounds back on its home, where it is energetically invited by its mate and the child birds on the off chance that they have effectively brought forth.

Komodo Dragon

Komodo dragons might look like something out of a science fiction film, and they are frequently considered dumb creatures dependent on their looks alone. These reptiles that are the biggest individual from the reptile family, live in Indonesia. They have colossal jaws, and they can open them very wide.

Komodo dragons have the dirtiest mouth in the set of all animals. They can convey sufficient E coli and different microbes to kill a lot bigger creatures with a solitary nibble. Then, at that point, they chase after them, sitting tight for them to pass on in a little while.

These reptiles can eat up to 80% of their body weight in a solitary supper. These dumb creatures don’t have the foggiest idea when to quit eating so that additional weight can back them off hugely. In the event that their bellies are overfull and they sense a hunter is going to get them, then, at that point, they upchuck their stomach substance.

Secretary Bird

Secretary birds might resemble the absolute most moronic birds on the planet. These birds that live on the sub-Saharan African meadows have long legs and sharp toes.

Regardless of their surprising appearance, the long legs and sharp toes go about as a fundamental cautious system. It permits this bird weighing about 7.3 pounds to step with power equivalent to 36.5 pounds.

The power isn’t truth be told, exceptionally incredible, yet the bird can convey it in 15 milliseconds. They frequently utilize their fast, incredible kick to kill venomous snakes without getting bit in the event that they miss.

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