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5 Tips for Saving Money On Custom Software Development

The benefits of developing custom software are hard to overlook. Customized features, high security, work process optimization, flexibility, and much more are essential for the company’s smooth growth and development.

However, many businesses stick to off-the-shelf solutions since they are a cheaper option. The high ROI of custom software is appealing, but companies still tend to avoid making large investments.

Proven Ways to Reduce Software Development Costs

Reduce Custom Software Development Cost

In this article, we’ll go over key tips for saving money on custom software development to help your company reap the benefits.

1] Outsource the development

While developing software in-house may seem like a cost-cutting option, in reality, it’s more expensive than outsourcing. The high cost of development in-house involves paying salaries and benefits. Meanwhile, outsourcing helps you cut costs on operation and management.

2] Focus on clear requirements

Before sharing your requirements for custom software development, make sure they are as clear as possible. Any misinterpretation may lead to high development costs. Eventually, if something goes wrong, more money will be needed to adjust the program.

Check your business needs and requirements before handing the list to the developer. Make sure to discuss your demands so they are 100% clear.

Consider choosing a developer, who uses the agile methodology to have an opportunity to correct issues as they arise. Miscommunication in software development is common and often costly.

3] Involve a QA team

The QA team should be involved from the very beginning of the development process. Regular testing and evaluation can help you cut costs tremendously. Bugs often appear at the earliest stages of software development.

Catching them timely can help you save a substantial amount of money since the costs of changing a program mid-way are high. Meanwhile, discovering errors at later development phases can also be costly since they affect deadlines.

4] Prioritize top features

Companies that opt for custom software development often require a wide variety of features. Not all of them are a top priority. Spending money on extra features could increase the total cost of the project tremendously.

By eliminating low-priority demands from your technical specifications, you are lowering the cost of software development.

However, it doesn’t mean you can’t add these features in the future. The main benefit of custom software is flexibility. If designed properly, you can add new functions when the budget allows.

5] Consider remote development

In the digital era, it’s possible to create custom software remotely. Many developers work from different locations. By collaborating with freelancers or small remote companies, it’s possible to cut costs.

You may even want to consider off-shore software development. However, low rates usually don’t equal quality. Meanwhile, remote collaboration with offshore companies may be complicated.

Final thoughts

Custom software development doesn’t have to be expensive. By taking advantage of the above tips, it’s possible to lower development costs while still enjoying an impressive ROI.

For many companies, a custom app can make a difference between less-than-average revenue and staying one step ahead of the competition.

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