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What Is Field Service Management Software And Why Does Your Company Need It?

Successful service providing companies face many daily challenges as the growing number of clients and the increasing complexity of work orders. Field workers need to: plan, organize, prioritize their tasks while optimizing the routes, which might be a very demanding and stressful thing for them to do.

Field service management (FSM) solutions are the industry standard. They improve the quality of services, optimize the company costs, increase productivity among the field workers and in general – help manage the field service operations.

What is FSM software?

What is FSM software?

Generally speaking, FSM software is a necessity for every service providing company that wants to work flawlessly.

Field service management software enables to improve of the quality of services such as order placement, technician assignment, route optimization and equipment allocation.

FSM software is common across many industries such as telecoms, oil and gas, energy and utilities, retail and facilities. 

There are a few field service optimization applications available on the market. The leading companies choose FSM solutions from reliable software houses with many years of market experience, such as Comarch. Learn why the Comarch field service management solution might be the right choice also for your company. 

What is Comarch field service software?

It is a field service management software powered by machine learning that helps technicians effectively manage field service operations and complete their tasks.

With Comarch cloud based field service software the number of completed tasks increases up to 25%! This powerful management software solution will help automate, optimize and track the workforce and improve customer relationship management.

What is the Comarch field service software app for?

With Comarch FSM your employees will find out what should be fixed in real time. Your mobile workers will learn about the problems and the equipment needed to solve them. They will get the information where they need to go and learn about the optimal route to get there. 

In the Comarch FSM app, your employees will easily contact coworkers to discuss complex issues and speed up the tasks. To successfully manage the service requests and improve customer satisfaction.

What are the key benefits of the Comarch field service application?

The app is recommended for field service technicians, who need to be informed immediately about scheduled or rescheduled tasks. The tasks are automatically added and prioritized. The app empowers mobile workers, increases their productivity.

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