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Health And Fitness Tips For Men Over Forty

In 2020, there were over 800 thousand people in the United Kingdom on average aged 40+! Like most people in Europe, these men are interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle as their youth declines. So, how can a man in his forties avoid common medical problems that may endanger his health?

We’ve compiled some suggestions for men to retain physical fitness as they enter middle age. Following these recommendations will make your body express its gratitude in the future. So, let’s start the countdown.

11 Health suggestions for men aged 40+

Health And Fitness Tips For Men

Check your eyesight

Your vision may start to worsen after it’s stood by you for four decades. So, don’t forget to check your eyesight and ensure you don’t need to wear glasses too often. It would be nice to be able to read those tiny labels and instructions published in fine print on medicine bottles with ease.

Eat more fruits and veggies – stuff rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants – to maintain your visual health. These green things will prevent you from muscular degeneration that affects your eyesight.

Improve your fertility

Statistics show that around 50% of British men aged 30+ admit they suffer from erectile problems. The common culprits include anxiety, overwork, and alcoholism. Similarly, reports published in 2017 have revealed that two-thirds of English couples aren’t satisfied with their sex lives.

Men in their 40s must be careful about their potency and sperm count. There’s also the option to buy Viagra online UK men can experiment with to improve their sex lives. Moreover, you may take a fertility test to ensure your sexual health.

Eliminating bad habits also helps men regain their sensual strength and appetite. These bad habits can lead to problems, e.g., erectile dysfunction among men aged 40. And what are these bad habits?

Eliminate bad habits

It’s difficult to overcome an age-old addiction. But the forties require you to cut down on smoking and stop consuming alcohol excessively. You must eliminate your unhealthy obsessions and focus more on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Drinking and cigarette smoking makes you vulnerable to many diseases, including male-related ones. Rejecting these vices can help you recover rapidly and remove the damage alcoholism has caused you. Adopt healthy habits instead, such as working out more often.

Exercise regularly

Exercise improves your health – both mental and physical – while helping you get back on your feet in the forties. Experts recommend working out for 150 to 200 minutes every week, which amounts to 30 minutes – at least – daily. It’ll enable you to prevent medical maladies by building endurance and maintaining strength.

Your body will gain flexibility while you’ll bolster your cardiovascular function. Exercise may take many forms, such as walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, and performing yoga with yoga blocks.

Focus on your mind

Mental health isn’t a trivial matter and must be addressed carefully. Statistics show that some 40% of men don’t even discuss their declining mental health due to embarrassment or stigmatization. Studies reveal that men aged 40-49 have the highest suicide rate in the United Kingdom.

So, you should prioritize psychological well-being as well as physical fitness. Exercise boosts the release of endorphins that bring a sensation of happiness. So, working out makes you mentally relaxed too.

Visit the doctor often

Don’t forget to visit your physician to discuss your healthcare requirements with her/him. Men aged 40-49 must get their cholesterol checked regularly.

If you’re overweight, addicted to a sedentary lifestyle, or related to someone with diabetes, ask your doctor about screening tests. It would help to have the doctor check your blood pressure now and then. Also, when you turn 50, it’s recommended to get screened for colon cancer. So, never skip a doctor’s appointment.

Revisit your ancestors

Your fortieth birthday constitutes an excellent opportunity to explore the chronicles of your family members and the adventures of your long-dead forefathers. Understand your family history to ensure there’s no severe malady you’re vulnerable to!

For instance, if you have a family history of colon cancer, you shouldn’t wait another ten years to get a colonoscopy. Which diseases may threaten you now that you’ve turned forty? The answer lies in your ancestors medical records.

Befriend fiber

Your metabolism starts slowing down when you turn forty, indicating that your body needs fewer calories now.

Alternatively, men aged 40-49 must consume enough fiber. So, eat fiber-rich food and nutrient-dense meals. Include whole grains, lean protein, and low-fat dairy products in your diet.

East healthy stuff

Completing forty years in the world means it’s time to embrace nature and start eating healthier edibles. Remember that heart diseases are the leading reason behind premature deaths among men in the United Kingdom. So, here’s what your diet should consist of when you’re a man aged forty.

  • Steak: You can get enough zinc from eating red meat.
  • Salmon: It has omega-3 fatty acids that prevent heart diseases.
  • Vitamin C: It ensures that your prostate is working excellently without complaints.

Check your thyroid

Also, get your thyroid checked. Your thyroid gland produces two hormones that are important for your body to work properly. Checking your thyroid helps you identify whether you’re suffering from thyroid problems (the worst of which is thyroid cancer).

Say cheerio to stress

In the end, many factors make a man’s life miserable in his forties/fifties. Family problems, horrible bosses, and financial instability may bum you out sometimes. But don’t allow monetary issues or failed relationships to affect your health.

Men aged 40+ are susceptible to heart problems and high blood pressure, thanks to stressing a lot! So, find ways to de-stress yourself. Try meditation or therapy to calm your nerves and stop a feeling of disappointment from turning into a monster called depression.


Does hitting forties mean you’ll most surely going to face a severe medical problem? No, blokes can pass through the fourth decade without suffering from a major disease. But – as the human body ages – the possibility of health deterioration also increases.

Hence, you must watch out for common illnesses among men who survive their fortieth birthday. These medical problems include an overactive bladder, those annoying kidney stones, an enlarged prostate, sometimes arthritis, and even erectile dysfunction.

So, gentlemen need to remain physically active even after they’ve survived forty years on this green earth. Consume healthy and nutritious things – fruits and veggies, for instance – while keeping yourself hydrated. Avoid smoking/drinking since these habits may become more harmful for a person aged over forty.

You should sleep for 7-8 hours and exercise regularly. Age shouldn’t restrict you from living your life to the fullest. Enjoy the years of your maturity by following our health & fitness recommendations.

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