360 Degree Electrical Swivel Connector

For proper working of the human body, it’s necessary that its all parts remain in working condition, right? If a human eye gets damage, then one won’t be able to see things around it. It means every part has a purpose. If we want our machine to perform a specific task, we need a special part or device for that.

360 Degree Electrical Swivel Connector

Similarly, a 360 Degree Electrical Swivel Connector has its own purpose when it’s assembled in any electromechanical system that may be linear or non-linear.

1] What is 360 Degree Electrical Swivel Connector?

If your purpose is the transmission of electrical signals from one part to another, the assembly of different electric wires or coils will be used. If the transformation of lubricants is required from one place to another within the machine, you’ll need a hydraulic kit that includes a pump, valves, and pipes, etc.

You see, every purpose requires a complete assembly for its completion. Similarly, a 360 degree electrical swivel connector has a specific purpose too.

So, the device which is used where transmission of fluid or lubricants is required between a stationary component and a rotating component in electrical supply is called 360 Degree Electrical Swivel Connector.

Cranes, wind turbines and robots are those applications in which a rotatory part is utilized. Consider the possibility that we have to exchange ointments, and liquids to those rotatory segments. To mee the needs of that possibility, we use rotatory union or swivel connector.

Electrical Swivel Connector

2] Structure Of a 360 Degree Electrical Swivel Connector

Generally, a 360 degree electrical swivel connector has four fundamental parts.

HousingThe most imperative segment is Housing, it holds the various pieces of rotatory association together.  It has an inlet from where liquids or some other medium enters, and an outlet from where the transmission happens towards the turning part.

Shaft – the rotatory part is normally associated with the shaft, which really in charge of the rotation of its rotation with no obstruction of the housing.

Bearings – This is the most important component because in the absence of bearings in 360 degree electrical swivel connector the device will not be able to function. The number of bearings varies between different types of swivels.

Seal – In swivel union rings, the seal prevents the leakage of fluid from the equipment, mechanical sealing is the most important part. So, make sure your connector has proper sealing in it.

3] Applications Of 360 degree electrical swivel connector

Swivel Connectors are being utilized in pretty much every mechanism. There are numerous comparable gadgets present in the market that play out a similar procedure as swivel connectors.

However, due to its productivity and conservative size engineers like to utilize this gadget. It’s litter size, stand it out from some other liquid transmission rotatory gadget. Let’s just have a look at the applications of a 360 degree electrical swivel connector

Large Cranes:

Ever observed a crane lifting heavy articles? Crane doesn’t simply convey the objects yet additionally turn to change its location. Did you ever consider how crane functions? The component is water driven and rotatory associations are utilized for transmission of various lubricants that empowers the cranes to pivot and lift objects.


The most essential utilization of swivel connector is the way toward mining. Mining equipment, for example, coal autos and penetrating openings cannot be worked without swivel connectors in them.


Every function in automobiles that includes fluids can’t be done without high pressure swivel connector rings. Examples of such functions are braking and viper movement with shower.

Auto Car washing:

In programmed vehicle washing, the cleanser is transmitted towards the turning brushes. This component requires at least one swivel connector in it.

Agricultural application:

In agriculture, harvesting equipment such as tractor and thresher has rotatory connectors in them. Apart from harvesting, swivel unions are also installed in the machinery that is used for further processing of grains.

Printing Press:

In printing, rotatory unions are used in ink vibrators. For printing on the rolls of paper, this device is also used.

There are many applications present in the business and the numbers are expanding quickly. Nevertheless, we just featured the imperative applications in which a 360-degree electrical swivel connector is a fundamental component.


Continuously analyze the nature of your work before purchasing any equipment. Do some homework first and then go out for your item choice with the goal that you may not get in a bad position during the operational work. We’ve seen individuals who don’t focus on what they really need and they end up having setbacks.

Did you find it helpful? If you think we’ve missed out anything about 360 degree electrical swivel connector and micro slip ring. Do let us know. If you have any questions that are causing trouble while choosing the best model for your equipment, you can consult us. We’d be happy to assist you further.

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