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You probably know by now that videos are needed for your business to reach your customer base. This is absolutely, positively true.

However, it can be hard to figure out how you should integrate videos into your business. And just what type of videos are the right ones for your customers?

Get Help With Creative Ads

In this article, we list many different kinds of videos your company can use to build creative ads. From this list, you can pick and choose whichever ones work best for your company.

Videos on Social Media

Images on social media have massive returns. On average, videos are 1200% more likely to be shared than text and pictures alone. Videos are like advertisement gold on Facebook and Instagram, Twitter, and now TikTok.

Video ads quickly catch your new and older followers alike while they are interacting on the social media platforms they are using to fight boredom throughout the day.

As well, videos get more exposure than static pictures. If you’re paying for ad space as part of your marketing campaign, exposure is incredibly significant for your return on investment.

Using video is one of the easiest ways to get eyes on your ads and stop potential customers from scrolling, especially if those ads are unintentional ads or entertaining.

Advertisements on LinkedIn

It’s not new information that video content does really well on LinkedIn. In fact, we all have stopped to watch a video or two while scrolling to tech out our new connection updates.

Not only that, but research has shown that executives enjoy watching videos here as well. A video is a fantastic option that will help you develop your brand if you are trying to target critical individuals to market your goods and services.

Explaining your business Concept

Concepts are hard to clarify with just content marketing. Trying to connect an idea with your audience even after writing an entire manual for your product still won’t give them the average customer’s information.

This is where the video beats content marketing hands-downs. You can easily illustrate an idea that is easy for your audience to digest using video.

Having an explanatory video on your website also helps to keep potential customers on your website for longer. Whether you are an established business or a promising young start-up, embedding videos into all your content will help break up massive walls of text that other companies use to try to get their message across to customers.

A video will sum up what your company does and who it represents in less than a minute if you need it to.

Product Pages

You know that online competition is tough if you’re in the business of selling items online. Whether you are selling directly on a big-box site like Amazon or hosting your own Shopify eCommerce website vying for customers and getting them to interact with your listings can be difficult.

However, you can let your brand break through the monotony by including informative videos on your product pages that showcase the variety and your available stock.

Product Videos

It’s challenging to try to sell something with just some pictures online. With a video, you can show your product being used and appreciated in different scenarios. Use these explantation videos to help generate desire.

In conclusion, people make purchases based on how they feel about a product. Video is one of the most efficient ways to get to the jugular of how a potential client should feel about a product you are providing for purchase.

There is no shortage of ways to build creative video ads for your business and products.

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