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What Can You Learn From LAT Free Trading Workshops?

The London Academy of Trading (LAT) offers many comprehensive trading programmes that are designed to train aspiring traders in the complexities of the profession. Whether you want to pursue options trading or go the cryptocurrency trading route, you can find a trading programme at LAT that can suit your career aspirations.

One of the most popular LAT offerings includes a free trading workshop on “An Introduction to Financial Market Trading” hosted by Paddy Osborn. This LAT trading workshop elucidates the award-winning trading approaches that are taught by LAT’s experienced team of instructors.

LAT Free Trading Workshops

With the workshop curriculum, you will explore how the recent global lockdown gas induced extreme market volatility which has accelerated the popularity of online trading financial markets. The workshop can give you a glimpse of the skills you would require to become a successful trader in present circumstances.

Paddy will also touch upon how macroeconomic data could affect prices and how national banks might have to strive to maintain a stable economy in these uncertain conditions.

The workshop will also emphasize on the importance of fundamental and technical financial analysis to predict future price moves for different trading commodities like stocks.

The workshop might use real-time and historical data and patterns to make you understand how trading works in real life. Here are some other points that the workshop might cover in addition to the above-mentioned concepts.

Basics of financial statements

Under this, the host might provide you with a small introduction to different financial statements involved in the trading profession.

Most often, these statements act as important resources to obtain information regarding the company’s present and past financial performance. The purpose of touching upon this concept is to help you learn how to get the most important details from company balance sheets.

Asset pricing theories

Before you even start trading, it is important that you should know how to calculate your expected returns from specific company stock.

These expected returns can be categorized into different assets pricing models such as arbitrage pricing theory, capital asset pricing model, and Fama-French Three Factor Model. Each model has its own benefits and disadvantages which might be covered in the program.

Basics of market microstructure

The workshop can also cover other important concepts like the different types of market players, orders, trading costs, and the concept of market liquidity. This is important to develop an effective algorithm to help you learn how to implement trading strategies.

The most salient feature of the workshop is the flexibility to ask questions throughout the duration of the programme. This interaction with the expert can be extremely beneficial as you can get your doubts cleared in real-time.

Sign up for the free trading workshop with LAT today to establish a successful trading practice in the future.

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