How Safe & Secure Is Your Data?

Data security is a hot topic, and many big companies still struggle to maintain data integrity. Recent high-profile data hacks have shown that we are far from secure. Hackers and cyber thieves grow smarter and more technical every single day. If your business stores large amounts of data, you could be vulnerable. With that in mind, today’s post focuses on bringing you up to speed with security. So, how safe is your data?

How Secure & Safe Is Your Data?


We all have passwords for every aspect of our digital lives. Whether it’s social media, emails, online shopping or banking, we keep them stored in our mind. It doesn’t seem like much of a deterrent to sophisticated hackers. But, here’s the kicker, passwords are wildly difficult to break, even for the best cyber criminals. However, they can spot patterns. So the trick is to vary your passwords across your accounts. If you need help remembering, use a password key chain for assistance.




Most databases and computers offer an encryption mode. Always ensure that you are using this as it’s one of the best ways to keep data safe. In simple terms, encryption scrambles the letters and numbers of your data and turns them into code. Only the correct encryption key can unlock it at the other end.

Update your software

Those annoying little pop-ups telling you to update your system are actually very important! It’s time to stop ignoring them. The reason apps, software, and operating systems issue updates is to fix bugs and close loopholes. If your software has a weak point, hackers can infiltrate it. By installing the upgrades, you keep them locked out.

Importance of Software Updates

Don’t open suspicious emails

suspicious emails

suspicious emails

We shouldn’t really have to write this one down. But, you’d be surprised how many unsuspecting internet users have been compromised through emails. If it looks suspicious, don’t open it, and certainly don’t click on any links!

Train your employees

If you run a business with multiple employees, the risk of infiltration increases. There are more people accessing the data system, so more weak points and access areas. Train your workers in the best data safety practices, including the tricks mentioned above. Don’t get caught out by your own internal weaknesses.




No matter how secure you think your data system is, always run a series of backups. Ideally, you should keep three copies of everything. One on your data hard drive, one on a cloud backup system, and printed hard copies. That way, if one area is compromised, at least you won’t lose your hard work.

Install a professional database system

Over time, your business might accrue a huge amount of sensitive data. If this is the case, you’re going to need the best in-memory database. Do your research and find the most stable, secure solution or data center.

Ensuring your data is safe and secure should be a top priority for your business. Take the steps outlined here and avoid a devastating data breach.

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