How to Get Patanjali Franchise and Products Distributorship In India

Patanjali is the fastest growing Indian FMCG company currently. The company is valued at INR 3,000 crore which is considered very good for establishing trust in its customers. The company was started by Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balakrishna in 2006 as Patanjali Ayurved Limited.

People of India are constantly going towards this brand as it holds that traditional essence to it. It focuses on making the products from natural ingredients but using that latest technology.

Baba Ramdev Patanjali Products Franchise

How to Get Patanjali Franchise

The company holds ground for ayurvedic medicines which is a great plus point for it as that makes it more trustworthy to people. Since Patanjali Ayurved Limited is growing fast so it also needs to expand its business. And that is good news for all of those who look forward to having a franchise from Patanjali.

The company is constantly opening a lot of stores to reach as many people at it could. This is also a sign that you have a good sign to get a franchise from Patanjali. Although you have to ready for the requirements which Patanjali demands from any franchise applicant. The company is big and it’s gaining trust from people and the variety of products is also increasing day by day. The company might have started with only medicines in 2006 but now it deals in way too many products.

Why it is demandable?

First of all, Patanjali was started by the Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balakrishna who are well known for their own stuff. Baba Ramdev is famous for his knowledge about yoga and teachings of yoga in modern time. Acharya Balakrishna is famous for his ayurvedic knowledge which serves great help in ayurvedic medicines in Patanjali. Because of these two men, people have belief in Patanjali that any product from this company will be good and without side effects.

Most modern companies use various chemicals and essence to make their products best for people’s liking. But, Patanjali tries to avoid any such chemicals and relies more on natural products and processing them with modern technology.  This gives people a sense of satisfaction and this also establishes trust.

Patanjali may have started with few products but now it’s expanding the products count at a rapid pace. Here are most of the products in which Patanjali is currently dealing.

Grocery: Cookies, candy, noodles, biscuits, flakes, spices, murabba, herbal tea, jam and many ration item for daily use. Ration items include gram flour, oil, rice and much more.

Nutrition and Supplements: Health drinks, power vita, honey, chyawanprash, ghee, badam pak.

Ayurvedic Medicine: There are a large number of medicines which Patanjali produces and most are ayurvedic medicines only.

Personal Care: There are many products which Patanjali manufactures for personal care. The products under personal care are to treat hair, skin, dental care, toiletries, eye, and body.

Home care: Products like herbal gulal , dish wash bar and incense sticks are included in home care.

Books and media: Patanjali offers many CDs and DVDs which provides knowledge about pranayam, yoga and ayurveda.

These are most of the products which Patanjali makes and its main focus is towards day to day commodities only. Because of that, it’s reaching to every household and thus many people are using Patanjali products in one form or the other. By this way, Patanjali is trying to enter every house and people are also building trust for this brand.

Now because of this Patanjali is keen on expanding and thus giving franchise or mega stores, is what Patanjali is planning. So if you are someone who is thinking of Patanjali franchise then, this can prove to be very profitable for you.

Moreover, there is news that Patanjali is also planning to enter the textile market which will make Patanjali enter your wardrobe. This is one more reason that going for Patanjali franchise is a very profitable decision.

What do you need patanjali products distributorship?

Like every franchise, Patanjali also has some basic requirements from the person who is applying for it. After all, it’s very important for any company to present its name at the best to maintain its brand value.

Patanjali has a very relaxed requirement when it comes to the area so you can have from 300 to 2000 sq feet. The minimum and maximum requirement of space has a huge difference which is good as it gives a great chance to you. The monetary investment for Patanjali’s franchise requires INR 7 – 70 lakhs. Here also Patanjali gives a huge relaxation, giving everyone to try for its franchise.

All these requirements just mean that Patanjali has been trying to get more and more people interested in their business.  And this is making people got for its franchise as the brand name is flourishing and profit is also there.

Even the breakeven point for the investment can be met in just 2 to 3 years which is great to make profits. Patanjali is the fastest growing FMCG company, which is a clear sign that company is making progress and profits. The profit can also be yours if you just have the investment and requirement to get along with this brand.

Apply for a Patanjali Franchise

You can visit the official website of Patanjali ( and find contact us page or mega store page. Here you’ll find a form which you need to fill with proper information.

If you want to clear any query then you can use the contact us page but for the franchise or mega store you have to fill mega store form. Try to be short and professional so that the individual in front is impressed quickly.

You can also visit or contact Patanjali by these details.

Village – Padartha, P.O.- Dhanpura, Laksar Road, Haridwar, Uttrakhand, India.
Pin Code – 249404
Phone – 01334-240008
Fax – 01334-265370
Email[email protected]
[email protected]

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Before you apply for the patanjali franchise, be sure that you choose your words carefully. Although the company is ready to bring new people with it but, it’ll certainly not do business with anyone. So be professional and approach with to the point information to them. 🙂

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