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Hone Your Essay: 3 Apps That Will Help Advance Your Writing

Writing essays and other academic papers comes hand in hand with obtaining an education. And since we are continually learning and completing specific assignments throughout our lives – when visiting the preschool establishment, middle and high school, college, university – we are in dire need of upscale writing abilities and topnotch writing tools as well.

Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills

In this matter, some learners prefer to present their written works in the form of paper versions; others savor the fruits of technological advancement and resort to hard copies – that is, applications and platforms for writing.

While writing represents a vital part of our development as individuals and as professionals, we have to make sure that our written creations are at the highest level possible.

That is why, when feeling the lack of necessary skills and experience, students of various educational institutions tend to seek qualified help from a customized writing agency from an online essay writer, which guarantees exceptional assistance in the area of conduction of writing tasks.

But if you are confident enough in your writing skills and are an avid Internet user, you can make your life easier by using special programs and virtual platforms designed for carrying out essays.

Since the majority of students nowadays have smartphones and tablets, which they use not only as means of entertainment but as tools for searching and collecting information as well, we have compiled a list of the most reliable online writing helpers in 2020.

These platforms and applications are available for owners of Android- and iOS-equipped gadgets, so make sure to give them a try when performing yet another written assignment.

3 Best Essay Writing Apps and Platforms In 2020

If you are a high school student or college/university attendee, there’s a high probability that you are overloaded with an array of writing tasks, prevailingly, essays on different educational disciplines.

The following programs represent the handy “rescuers” of students looking for guidance in the completion of academic papers. They allow you not just to type the text, but also check it for plagiarism, mistakes, inaccuracies, and so on.

1] Focus Writer

The first suggestion in our list of the top-rated apps for essay writing is Focus Writer. It represents an open-source software for processing texts, which is supported by both Windows and Mac. With the use of this program, learners can compose texts and save them in RTF format.

Besides, Focus Writer boasts of a convenient live feature showing document statistics. It is incredibly helpful if you don’t want to waste your time checking the word count every several minutes or so. This software will display everything you need to know about the essay you are writing in real-time.

Spell checking, a beautiful interface, and document tabs are other decent offers of this program. If you are one of those creative writers who get easily distracted, Focus Writer is the best pick for you, due to its “blank page” option.

2] Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the most favorite apps of everyone who is involved in academic writing or writing as such. The thing is, this writing-aid platform that also shows off a high-end downloadable app can help students boost their writing abilities.

Grammarly detects errors and typos and prevents its users from making grammatical and punctuation mistakes, misspelling words, and even plagiarizing works of others. This incredible program is preferred by myriads of authors, bloggers, college – and university goers, and other enthusiastic writers.

Besides providing a highly convenient platform and mobile devices program, Grammarly extension can also be added to your Internet browser.

Grammarly has free and premium versions, which differ only in the additional functions available in the latter. Thus, premium Grammarly users can run their texts through a plagiarism checker and get some vocabulary improvement suggestions from the program.

3] Simplenote

The last but not the least recommendation in our list is a cross-platform app called Simplenote. It is an easy-to-use free note-taking program. The most brilliant essays may start with the smallest ideas, and this application is one of the handiest ways to ensure that you’ve written them all down.

Moreover, every note you make has a backup, while the search feature allows you to pull up older notes anytime you want to look at them.

Writers, learners, bloggers, and even programmers also revere Simplenote due to its modern and minimalistic interface supported by various platforms and operating systems.

As for the formatting of your essay’s text, there is a single option with plain-text syntax formatting – Markdown, so it would be necessary for you to learn this markup language.

Simplenote is perfect for those writers who are not required to use images in their texts, along with to-do lists. It is a free-of-charge application without any frustrating pitfalls.

Final Thoughts

Writing an essay, report, article, or any other type of academic paper is a time- and energy-consuming task, and students often tend to search for some useful tools and tips to enhance their writings.

By using modern apps and platforms developed for high-quality assistance to enthusiastic writers, you can lighten the load of your day-to-day assignments, save some time, and strengthen your skills.

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