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Favicon : Do You Know How Necessary is Your Website Favicon?

How Necessary is Your Website Favicon?

At present, there are a bunch of criteria where website’s success are relying. No doubt that branding is the fast and foremost recommendation in this situation. Do you know through what the branding process starts? That mainly depends on one’s taste or interest but it’s probably with an awesome logo, brand awareness and such other deeds. Among all of these, favicon plays an emergent role as well.

website favicon

You might not be familiar with the importance of favicon. But it has major value like other elements. You all know what is the favicon. Let me make it clear. The favicon is the 16 x 16 pixel icon that we generally see in our browser tabs. We usually choose a resized logo or a small part our logo for this purpose. According to my opinion, favicon would be very small in size, but its value is beyond words. Here are the reasons why I think favicon is necessary for all websites:

Necessary of the Website Favicon?

Favicon Establishes Credibility:

The websites are intended to add value to the visitors through their news or services. They always try to keep the visitors updated with the latest news, services or products. But it is sure that the visitors will show no interest if the websites are not enough established to trust. So it is really needed to build trust and authority.

The favicon establishes own logo in front of all to declare, “Yea, we are focused to serve best services with our brand”. So the visitors could acknowledge that they are working hard with professionalism. Without favicon, sometimes websites are looked similar to the spammy resources. So in order to stick with an established professional brand, favicon is a must for credibility.

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Favicon Makes Your Brand Dominant:

Do you want to stand out with your brand against your toughest competitors? You should better get your favicon. To beat your competitors you need to improve your website than your competitors. Now in the ongoing marketing competition, the established brand could only stay ahead. So the favicon would play the role to take your brand to top.

The favicon is also used to introduce all to the brand logos. It is true that the most promising websites are recognized by their logos. As an example, you can forget your face, but can’t forget Facebook logo. If you are an internet lover, you will see it more than your face. That’s why I think favicon will help you to make brand awareness. Because favicon is the small version of your website logo to get recognized by all.

Favicon Decorates The Website Tabs:

Generally, when we visit websites, we see favicon in the browser tabs. Suppose, if there is no image, how could you recognize websites just seeing the tabs. It would be really difficult then.

So that’s not only an icon. It decorates the tabs preview as well as your website to help visitors understand your website. Everyone loves eye catching things. So it will be attractive enough to grab their attention to your website.

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Favicon Influence Your SEO Efforts:

At the new session of seo in 2014, sites providing better user experiences could enjoy better ranking. However, it not directly affects your ranking, but it helps to lead better user experience.

Favicons are made especially for the visitors with the intention of better user experience. Now search engines are looking forward to the websites serving best values. Old common SEO strategies are not going to work anymore. So in this situation, favicon would play a really necessary role to enrich the usability. Not directly, but it helps your seo from different aspects. You should keep in mind that search engines will give higher priority to a website having a favicon rather than a website not having the favicon.

website favicon

Favicon Improves The Appearance of Bookmarks:

Bookmarks are made to list a collection of links that anyone would be interested to check later. So, surely there will be a large number of links. But how can one easily find out yours? If there is any special mark or logo, it will be easy to find out any specific one.

The favicon makes this requirement done. If a bookmarked page has a favicon, it will be seen beside the link. Not even a list, it will be seen in all bookmarks. So also in this position, favicon would reward you more attention, mean more traffic. That’s why it would be better to lead a favicon.

Final Words…!!!

In the competitive run of online marketing, we have to make differences and keep ourselves unique. So we should take advantage of all the possible things. We have to do the best what our competitors aren’t. I think, favicon would offer us a bunch of advantages. While it is very low, but would effective to stand out in the competition. I think you are not gonna miss any single opportunity.

Add A Favicon to Your WordPress Blog. So, I wish if you haven’t implemented your favicon yet, you should do now. All the best…!!!

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  • Truly said, though when it comes to blogging, Favicon is a small part but its importance is very big. The favicon makes the website look more attractive and user friendly by adding the credibility.

  • Favicon truly make the site look very attractive. With a favicon in site it attracts more customer and also establishes a good brand name.

  • Hello Abrar,

    Nice post..thanks for sharing this information. I have one of my website for which i think putting favicon will make it look more attractive. Could you please suggest me some urls where i can find design for such favicon or free designing tools.

    Thanks a lot in advance..


    • Hi Dev,

      Thanks for you comment. I also think adding a favicon will make your website more attractive.

      If you are looking to create your own favicon, you could use these:

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