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Comprehensive Review of Bloody Mary Game For Android Must-Read

Review of Bloody Mary Game For Android

Grim Tales: Bloody Mary is a gruesome adventure game released by Big Fish Games for PC, Android and the Mac. It is available at $2.99.

Bloody Mary sees you dive straight into the story line. While on the way home from work, you receive a call from your niece at her boarding school. The teachers have disappeared, her classmates are becoming violent and unpredictable, and strange, shadowy creatures are lurking in the hallways.

You must search the building in order to rescue your niece, braving the hacking/slashing attacks from monsters, eerie chants, and warning of danger ahead. Of course, you should never look in a mirror after sunset – Bloody Mary is always watching!

Bloody Mary Game For Android


The game offers three difficulty settings: Casual, Advanced, and Hardcore.
The core game mechanics do not change drastically according to which setting you choose, but you will notice a few key differences:

  • In Casual Mode, the hint and skip options recharge quickly, and areas of interest are always highlighted with sparkles.
  • In Advanced Mode, the hint and skip options recharge much more slowly, and there are no sparkles to guide you to areas of interest.
  • In Hardcore mode, as you might imagine, you cannot use the hint or skip buttons at all, and no sparkly assistance is provided.

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Considering it’s such a cheap game, the graphics are remarkably good. All the scenes are rich in color and highly detailed, and the creatures all seem well animated and genuinely frightening.

Even the scenes in darker environments maintain a good balance between murky gloom and cloudy apparitions of vicious assailants.

Story line:

The story line is well thought-out and thoroughly engaging, with a very satisfying ending.

The voice-overs seem authentic and tie in well with the characters. The abundance of mini/bonus games fit well with the overarching story.

The game’s creators have also taken the time to create genuinely helpful, insightful or just amusing captions in relation to certain aspects of play. For example, misuse of a blowtorch will result in messages like “I would probably burn the house down…”


Bloody Mary, like previous Grim Tales games, boasts a relatively intuitive format. The controls are not difficult to learn, and you can navigate between standard play, a map and a diary in a bid to piece together the solutions to overcoming various obstacles.
Items and areas of interest are located in a fairly logical manner, meaning the game is well structured and you won’t find yourself getting frustrated and backtracking excessively to piece together broken narrative.

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The music is fittingly creepy and ominous to start with and ranging up to pure panic-inducing as appropriate. Generally speaking, the music syncs well with the various cut scenes and events you will encounter.

Bloody Mary Game For Android

Bonus Content / Extras:

There are 11 interactive hidden object scenes (HOSs), 16 mini games and a bonus chapter incorporated into the Collector’s edition.
As previously stated, all of this is beautifully interwoven into the fabric of the game, and serves to provide extra helpings of horror and intrigue as oppose to being an annoying distraction.

General Tips:

Here are a few general tips to help you get to grips with the game. There are more comprehensive walk-throughs out there that will guide you through every step of the story, but by following the steps below, you should be able to enjoy this intuitive and well produced game:

  • If you get stuck, hit the “hint button”(1) (OK, so that one was a bit obvious).
  • Remember that as you collect items, they will be stored in your inventory(2).
  • The map can be accessed via the journal(3).
  • Access the menu(4) to adjust settings, preferences and exit the game.

Overall, the game is suitably challenging, intriguing, and downright scary. Its downfalls are few and far between. An interesting observation: One might point to the fact that in a game so well designed and detailed, it seems odd that when the characters are speaking, their lips don’t move.

The bonus chapter also feels a little like an afterthought when compared to the main body of the game, but these are minor drawbacks to what is otherwise a game definitely worth buying.

Your Turn

Have you played Grim Tales : Bloody Mary? If so, let us know what you thought of it by leaving a comment below!

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