How to Decide If Engineering Is the Right Career for You

If you are an average student or excel in non-science and non-math subjects, you might think that engineering is not your cup of tea. However, when your classmates opt for a career in engineering or you experience parental or social pressure to choose this field, your opinion could change.



But be careful – choosing the wrong career will not only deprive you of job satisfaction but will also make it difficult to be successful in that field. Although engineering is a much sought-after career, you may not be cut out for it.

So, before you make any decisions, find out if you have what it takes to be an engineer.

Is Engineering the Right Career Choice for You?

There have been instances where students doing well in math and science choose engineering as a career without realising that they don’t have a natural aptitude for it. They wrongly choose it as a career and suffer the consequences of that choice.

The best way to know whether you have the aptitude to be an engineer is to take a personality test or self-assessment. You can also find out if you have the attributes and qualities of an engineer by honestly answering the following questions:

1] Are You Good at Math and Science?

Your performance in math and science will probably be the first indication of whether to opt for a career in engineering. These two subjects are an integral part of an engineering course, and you must take these subjects to even qualify for the competitive exams required.

So, if you don’t like these subjects or fail to perform well in them, engineering is certainly not for you.

2] Are You Creative?

Being creative suggests that you have a talent for imagination and visualization, which are an important part of the persona of an engineer.

To take up engineering as a career, not only do you need to be creative but you also need to be able to turn your creative ideas into reality. This may involve improving on designs or minimizing product costs, as well as other aspects of engineering.

Merely having creative ideas without considering the practical output will rule out engineering as a possible future career for you.

3] Does Working on Computers Excite You?

With technological advancements, the computer has become an integral part of engineering. Beginning within the field of Computer Engineering, it has now entered the domain of other engineering fields, such as Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering.

Civil Engineering


Drawings of machines and models, done on paper a few years ago, now require computers using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software. So, if you don’t like working on computers and CAD doesn’t excite you, engineering is not for you.

4] Are You a Problem Solver?

Engineering requires problem-solving skills, an analytical mind and critical thinking. You will get a chance to use them in many of the projects you undertake in your career. Often, you will find yourself working under constraints that require problem-solving skills to attain your objective.

Developing problem-solving skills is possible, but if this doesn’t appeal to you, it is best not to opt for engineering as a career.

5] Are You a Puzzle Solver?

If you are thinking, “What this has got to do with engineering?” you have probably ruled yourself out from a career in this field. Enjoying mind-twisting puzzles and mind-challenging games are the hallmarks of an engineering mind.

Final Thoughts

Engineering is a great career choice, but a difficult one. Made even more so if math, science and the other requirements mentioned above don’t excite you.

The one certain way of finding out whether you should choose engineering as a career is to consult an engineer. He or she will be in the best position to explain the challenges that lie in this field and whether you meet the criteria.

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