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How to Choose the Best Head-hunter/Job Agency Mississauga

Stuck in searching for a job and you need help? A headhunter, job agency Mississauga, or a search firm could offer you a way out. However, before you decide on the one to use in your job hunt, you need to understand what they are and what they do.

How to Select a Headhunter or Employment Agency

Best Head-hunter/Job Agency Mississauga

Understanding what employment agencies Mississauga are, different types and what they do can give you an upper hand when deciding on which job agency to use in Mississauga. Luckily, Team Global go you covered and here are some essential aspects you should understand in order to make the choices.

Job Agency Mississauga

It helps in connecting job seekers with hiring companies. Depending on an agency’s policies, some are free while others charge for the service.

Search Firm/Executive Search Firm

They are industry or skill-specific. Types of search firm agencies include.

  • Contingency job agency Mississauga: They are ideal for entry and mid-level job seekers. Often, they are paid by the client when a job seeker is employed. To increase their chances of getting paid, they send numerous resumes to the employer.
  • Retained search firm: They deal with senior-level job seekers. Firms often depend on them and pay them a particular percentage of a job seeker regardless of whether or not they employ. The companies also cater to these agencies’ recruitment expenses.


They work directly with job hunters or approach them to fill a vacancy in a company they represent. Also, they go with different names and offer competitive salaries.

Temporary (Temp) Agency

They offer temporary jobs to job seekers, usually to fill positions when permanent employees are either on vacation or leave. Also, these employees are needed during the peak seasons such as Christmas. During this time, the existing employees cannot cope with the increased demands.

These temp workers sometimes get temp-to-permanent contracts whereby they end up being employed permanently if the management is satisfied with their performance.

When to Use Recruitment Services

There are a few reasons that can make you turn to recruiters. They include unsuccessful job hunting, skill-specific jobs, senior-level positions, and to land jobs in companies that only advertise through recruiters.

Recruiters connect you to potential employers and are often paid by the company while most employment agencies Mississauga charge the job seeker. So, if you are looking for free services, know who to approach.

Also remember that there is a difference between getting a job agency Mississauga to assist you in job search and using a recruiter to link you to potential employers. You should consider using a search firm or recruiter who is paid by your would-be employer.

Choosing a Headhunter

Be industry-specific. It helps your headhunter connect you with relevant recruiters for quick success.

Optimize online directories. They help you find contacts for many recruiters in a short time. You can search them by location if you are interested in a specific geographical area. Social Networks such as LinkedIn are also ideal for connecting with recruiters.

Interview the recruiter. It may seem like a crazy idea, but it actually works. Spend some time with a recruiter to create a relationship by asking them a few questions about their profession. It helps the recruiter see you are serious about your job search and can deliver exceptionally.

Ask for references. Of course, even when you are a job seeker, you need an assurance that your recruiter has an awesome reputation among employers.

So, consider requesting them for referrals and approach them for feedback. See whether they are satisfied with their services. If not, it means you are likely to wait forever for that recruiter to help you land a job.

Be open. Do not solely rely on a recruiter to help you find a job. Instead, remain active and keep in mind that the recruiter is only helping.

After all, they have a pool of candidates they are helping, which can be impossible for them to focus only on you.

Reach out to your connections and let them know you are searching for a job. Let your recruiter know when you land one to avoid wasting their time.

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