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Rapidly Grow Your Business In 2020 With These 3 Tips

You already know the stats, you’ve heard them time and again-but here’s a 2020 update for you.

20 percent of businesses fail in their first year. 30 percent fail in their second year.

Rapidly Grow Your Business In 2020

Luckily for 50 percent of businesses, they make it a whopping 5 years. And an all-too-real 70 percent fail in their 10th year.

Yikes! What’s with these numbers? Is there no hope?

Well, there is-but to rapidly grow, you need to be smart, competitive, and ahead of the curve. You’ve got to keep up-to-date with trends, know your customers inside and out, cater to their wishes while remaining true to your mission.

That’s a lot of work, but it’s worthwhile and rewarding as can be. Let’s discuss how you can stand out in 2020 with three crucial tips.

1] Consider Email Marketing (No, Really)

Email is where it’s at.

Don’t believe us? Well, you don’t have to. Believe the facts instead.

  • If your customers trust your brand, they’re 64 percent more likely to open your email (that’s quite a nod at customer service!)
  • Companies see high ratings when they send two emails per month.
  • The average click-to-open right in the US is 13.74 percent!

To increase your odds of a client or customer opening your email, know that.

  • A personalized subject line gets you a 26 percent boost in open rates.
  • An emoji increases open rates by 56 percent.
  • The recipient’s name in the email subject line increases open rates by more than 18 percent.

Let these email tips help you crush the email marketing game.

2] A Winning Social Media Campaign Can Have You Rapidly Grow

How well do you know your social media? Are you outsourcing your campaigns?

If you’re not even sure about social media campaigns, please visit and meet us back here in a few minutes.

Welcome back. Now, let’s get to it.

To truly succeed online, consider.

  • CTAs that encourage engagement with your posts. Ask questions, seek comments and feedback, and.
  • Incentives, incentives, incentives (enough said).
  • Relevant prizes for promotions.
  • Quick response times.
  • A true-to-brand voice.

And more. With that in mind, you likely need to hire outside of yourself. An extra employee can help navigate your campaigns and ensure much-needed interaction and communication.

3] Know Your Customers Like the Back of Your Hand

At the end of the day, without customers, you don’t have a business. Whether you like it or not, your customers have complete and total control of your establishment.

Okay, not really-but they absolutely are the most crucial factor in your growth. If they like you, they’ll promote you, they’ll tell their friends and family about you, and they’ll post about you on social media. If they don’t—they’ll do the same.

You can use some of the above tips to help you gather feedback from your clientele. Post questionnaires, offer incentives for filling them out and actually honor the things you read there.

Ready, Set, Win

Are you ready to rapidly grow your business?

Of course, you are! That’s why you’ve read this article.

Follow the three tips listed above, and you’ll be well on your way to success.

For more fantastic advice like this, keep coming back to our page.

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