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5 Fun Outdoor Activities in Put-in-Bay – Ohio

Put-in-Bay is one of the Lake Erie islands booming with activities, and so it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused if you get a clear plan on what to do. It’s most likely that you’ll need a well-thought-out itinerary based on your priorities as it’s impossible to exhaust everything here, especially if you’re on a short stay.

Put-in-Bay – Ohio

This post highlights some of the fun activities you can consider starting with as you explore and discover more of this unique island.

Let’s get started.

Go sightseeing by a golf cart

From the moment you arrive on the island, you’ll notice that golf carts are the most familiar means of transport. The carts offer the convenience of maneuvering in the smallest of places, thus saving a lot of time. Besides, Put-in-Bay golf carts are a fantastic way to travel while seeing whatever is happening around you unobstructed.

Many tourists prefer to rent golf carts and drive themselves for a chance to explore the island on their terms. The renting is usually on an hourly basis, and so you can negotiate with the provider to get a good discount, especially if you’re planning to stay for long. There are numerous renting locations spread throughout the entire island, and so it won’t be hard to spot them.

With the self-driven golf carts, you can cover as much ground as possible in one day since you’re the one to determine where to go and how fast. They’re a good way to move around while taking in the view of the surroundings at the same time. Imagine driving the backroads while admiring the waterfront views and the old barns. You can also have a stopover at the Chocolate Museum for a quick tour of the antique market for chocolate-related items.

Another alternative to carts is to rent a bike, although you’ll have the easiest time with carts since most sites cater for them. They’re particularly the best option since cars are also discouraged on the island. But here’s something that’s quite ironic about golf carts in Put-in-Bay; the South Bass Island golf course doesn’t allow them on site. Think of a golf course without a cart; it must be an interesting adventure.

Golfing at Saunders Golf Course

Saunders Golf Course enjoys the privilege of being the only golf course at Put-in-Bay. As you must be imagining, the golf course is usually busy with lovers of the game who come to have leisure playing their favorite game while enjoying the scenic environment. The good is that tee time isn’t required here. You just need to walk in, enjoy the golf course and leave when it’s time.

The management places no restrictions whatsoever and so both members of the general public and tourists can access it. As earlier mentioned, golf carts aren’t allowed here although that shouldn’t worry since it’s small and easy to walk. The nine-hole and short par 3 course doesn’t require a lot of time commitment to cover. You can manage to carry out other activities of the day even after golfing without feeling exhausted.

There are also club rentals on site. If you book to stay at the club rentals, you’ll enjoy the course as much as you want without parting with a dime. However, if you rent elsewhere, you’ll be required to pay before you can use the golf course just like the other members of the general public.

A visit to the Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave is one of the several cave systems found in Put-in-Bay. But its large geodes and crystals make it a fascinating sight. If you’re a lover of science and rocks, then you’ll enjoy experiencing the crystals and geodes some of which are as large as three feet.

As the world’s largest geode, Crystal Cave receives thousands of visitors throughout the year who come to see and confirm the great tales they’ve heard about this place.

There’s another peculiar feature that makes the cave attract even more visitors; the mineral Celestine. The corridor walls of the Celestine have a distinct bluish appearance that will have you gazing at it fascinated by this intriguing feature.

The mineral is one of the components used in the manufacture of fireworks. However, a visit to Crystal Cave is an opportunity to see the Celestine in its natural and raw form. The cave is open to tourists from May through September but only works during the weekends of October.

Chocolate Museum

The museum is tiny but at the same time, it makes a quirky and intriguing stop. There are displays illustrating how chocolates began as well as collections of numerous products related to chocolates and their production. For instance, the museum has several vintage displays showcasing how chocolate boxes and tins have transformed over the years.

After you’ve got a clear understanding of the origin of chocolates, you can enter the next Chocolate Cafe for a taste of the ice-creams and chocolates amongst other treats. In the cafe, you’ll find the iconic candies that include the beltway mints, truffles and turtles. The cafe also stocks a wide-ranging selection of cakes and pastries that can go with a cup of coffee and other beverages.

Lake Erie Islands Historical Museum

The museum is popular among lovers of history as its home to treasured artifacts.  A visit to the museum is an opportunity to experience firsthand the relics and documents that contain the maritime history of Put-in-Bay and the other surrounding islands.

The other neighboring islands that have a related history with Put-in-Bay include Middle Bass, Gibraltar and Kelley’s. Together with a dozen others, these comprise Lake Erie Islands.

The good thing with being at the Lake Erie Islands Historical Museum is that you won’t just be reading some abstract and unverifiable claims. As you learn about their history, you’re able to see and experience the sites in real time. In other words, the museum is an opportunity for you to learn about and experience the islands at the same time.


Put-in-Bay is a place where boredom is nonexistent. With such exciting and fun-filled activities to do while here, there’s no reason why you should keep postponing this great experience. Besides the tourist sites, the island has a beaming hotel and accommodation industry that will ensure your stay here is both satisfying and comfortable.

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