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5 Features of Gmail That You Don’t Know

Welcome back guys today at Just Web World we have a amazing post for the readers of our blog and techies and the Gmailers. Yes today we will share 5 Gmail Features That You Don’t Know which can help to save you in some cases like to undo any emails? Yes now gmail introduced a feature which can help you undo sent emails but only if you send email to any gmail users from your gmail account. 😀 As like this hidden feature their are many more features which i guess you people do not know and that’s why you are on this page. So without wasting much time lets get on 5 Features Of Gmail which mostly of you people don’t know.

Best Gmail Features You Should Use

Undo Send

Finally after so many request of the people asking to add undo send email, gmail introduced Undo option in their gmail service. You can use this option when you send any wrong or incomplete email but only bad thing is that you can only undo sent email if the person you’re sending email is also a gmail users.

Canned Responses

Canned responses are much good if you send more than enough emails a day because you can easily get frustrated while writing a thanks messages repeatly for each email you send. Gmail allows you to set a canned response which can be used by one single click but before you need to format and set it.

Send And Archive

Send and archive is a good feature of gmail which many of the people don’t know basically this option allows you to keep your email and archive clean and tidy which makes you to save time while finding and replying to any email or conversation.

Auto Advanced

Auto advanced is also a good feature of gmail. Most of you have noticed that gmail takes you back to the inbox when you delete an mail and same for muting an email. So if you want gmail to take you to the next email rather than inbox directly then you can enable this feature in your gmail account.

Quick Links

Quick Links Gmail Features

Quick Links

Quick Links are very good for the daily and rush gmailers who need to search for the things inside their gmail faster than anything. They can use this hidden feature of gmail which enables you to get on to anything right from your sidebar, you can also edit these quick links present on your sidebar and insert the things which you want to access fast on your gmail without wasting much time opening it.

One Bonus Tip

Snooze The Email Until You Want To Reply

Getting too much emails and don’t want to reply them then simply snooze them and stop getting the notification too. You can snooze your gmail inbox from the above toolbar or if you want snooze any one email then select it and click on snooze button that’s all you need to do for snoozing a email.

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Above we have shared the top 5 tips for gmail which you don’t know or haven’t been known but using them from long time. If you want to add some more tips regarding it then you can contact us and we would update the post including your point in it.

Thanks For Giving Us Your Precious Time. 😉

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    Canned reactions” are all that much refreshing in light of the fact that I additionally writing so as to have the same issue thanks or respects in every mail. Much obliged to you for sharing these important Gmail highlights.


  • “Canned responses” are very much appreciated because I also having the same problem by writing thanks or regards in each mail. Thank you for sharing these valuable Gmail features.

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    These features are new for me…

    What if someone keeps pestering me with Gmail messages?

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