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Facebook Tips and Tricks 2017 You Must Know | FB Tricks

New Facebook Tricks: Facebook Is one of the most popular and largest online social networking site, Facebook is also known as FB,where it comes with various Facebook Tips and Tricks,which allows you to connect with your friends relatives anyone throughout the world, children to adults almost people of every age are very much addicted to FB. As here we can share your views, opinion, videos, movies, photos, chat call, play games, make friends and many more interesting things can be done by just using Facebook sitting in any part of the world. This are the basic Facebook features, but we let you know the latest and Interesting FB Tricks which helps you to amaze your friends who are connected with you. Every now and then millions of people will be on FB. Follow the below Steps to Make your FB more Interesting with Facebook Tricks and Tips.

Cool Facebook Tips and Tricks

Latest Facebook Tricks 2015

Check out below New Facebook Tricks and Make your FB more Interesting..

Appear Online Only to Selected Friends

Facebook chat is one of the best and coolest feature of FB basically we chat with number of people daily but sometimes if we want to chat with one or two members by rejecting others and making them believe that they or not being avoided to appear on online only to selected friends this trick is very much useful to such situations.

Follow the below instructions

At the lower right side of page go to chat found and then click on the gear icon and go to advance settings. Here a window will appear on chat for all friends, except. Now you start adding your friend’s name for whom you don’t want to appear online. Now simply you will be completely Invisible to them. This is best FB Trick.

Facebook Advanced Chat Setting - Facebook Tips

Facebook Advanced Chat Setting

Use Facebook Search Like a Pro

Sometimes people experience a great difficulty in finding their old friends, organizations or any celebrities etc. if you too experienced same situations then you need to try using the search box. It is a very powerful tool which helps you in finding the people you want.

Use Facebook Search Like a Pro | Facebook Tricks

Use Facebook Search Like a Pro

Create a Video with Your Facebook Pics

It is so easy to create videos with your Facebook pics, simply by going to Pixable.com and sign in with your Facebook account.

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Post Your Status In All Facebook Groups at Once

It is a hard and time taking task to post status in all groups. But here is a simple way to post status in all FB groups at once

  1. you have to go to multi post application and Sign in with Facebook
  2. If not you can you can go for the paid tools like Maher post application.

Find Who Unfriend You on Facebook

Sometimes some of your friends will Unfriend you and you will not be able to find who are they.

Here you can use the app where you can easily come to know who deleted you from your profile.

The app Is Who.deleted.me

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Post and Create Fake FB Status

It’s Awesome Facebook Trick. You can also amaze your friends by creating and posting a fake status on your fb profile with any other’s name. Just follow the below Instructions.

Post and Create Fake Facebook Status

Post and Create Fake FB Status

  • Firstly you have to visit “The Wall Machine” website.
  • Nextly connect it with FB profile and sign in to it.
  • Here, you can create any type of Fake FB status now and post it on your profile.

Accept All Friends Requests at Once

Friend request play an important role in our FB account. When users add you as a friend we receive a notification that i want to be your friend, so if we have received bulk of friend request at once then it takes some to accept all request. This trick will show you how to accept all FB Friend request at once.

Follow the below steps to accept all friend requests at once.

  • Firstly sign in to your FB account and then click on friend request notification tab.
  • Then copy and paste the below code in the address bar of your friend request page.

javascript:for(i = 1;i

  • After pasting the script just click on Enter from your keyboard.

That’s it you will be see all your request will accept automatically and add to your friends list all at once.

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Trick to Update Blank Status

If you think that you cannot update your Facebook Status as blank. Then let me tell your are wrong .you can also display your status as blank. Just follow the below steps to know.

Facebook Blank Status Update - Facebook Tricks

Facebook Blank Status Update

  1. Firstly sign in to your Facebook account
  2. Then enter in to your status as @[3:3: ]
  3. If you apply the trick for along time .the paste the given code just like below
    @[3:3: ]
    @[3:3: ]
    @[3:3: ]
    @[3:3: ]


This article is all about Facebook Tips and Tricks .I hope you like These New Facebook Tips. This tutorial will help you to apply the FB Tricks and to amaze your friend’s. If you have any relevant Facebook Tricks do share in comments.

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