Kajabis vs Thinkific – Which Platform to Choose to Sell Courses Online?

People do have a passion for sharing their knowledge with other people around, but they think that they don’t have the sufficient knowledge. This is one of the major reasons behind the building of the platforms where people can freely share their knowledge with the world.

Sell Courses Online – Kajabis and Thinkific

Kajabis vs Thinkific

There are a number of people around the world who are passionate about selling their content online but fail to do so because of lack of the online facilities through the platforms. But now, we have some best platforms for the people where they can easily share their digital content.

In order to grow your business online, it is important to have a complete suite of tools including the marketing and affiliation tools which can help us in earning money as well. Today, we are here with two platforms in comparison to each other, Kajabi and Thinkific.

Both the platforms help people in setting up the websites, creating the digital products and selling them easily online. It doesn’t matter what kind of passion you have and how you want to teach or share your knowledge with people, these online platforms have everything covered under them.

Why choose Kajabi? 


To be honest our personal favorite is Kajabi. And the reason is that it helps in selling the products or services or content online easily in a simple process. If you are running an online business, then you can go with Kajabi because using it you needn’t have any other tools.

It offers all the essential tools which are needs for an online business under one roof. Kajabi helps in making everything easy when it comes to sharing knowledge and products with the people. It offers all the features which are needed for selling, marketing and delivering the content. It is just one system which creatively helps in selling your knowledge and helping those who want to learn about that particular topic. it simply turns your passion for sharing knowledge into profits.

Why choose Thinkific?


In my personal view, I don’t really like Thinkific as compared to Kajabi because of its competitive price, but it helps in empowering the modern course creators. Despite its expensive price, this platform does lack in a number of marketing tools and thus the user who want to share and sell online have to go with multiple tools with it.

Overall it only has the basic aesthetics despite having little flexibility on its course designs. It is a platform for the independent experts, speakers, coaches, companies and the authors who have to work quickly in creating and delivering the courses.

It is easy and simple to use, but a person needs to have advance knowledge of using it because of its advanced customization features.

Between the two, Kajabi and Thinkific, Kajabi is one of the best online platforms to choose for selling the courses online. It is simple and easy to use platform which is a great option for the instructors to deliver their message quickly.

This platform is significantly built around the individual classes and courses rather than a catalogue of online courses. Though we would recommend you all to go with Kajabi, yet we would also ask you people to check out all the features offered by these two platforms before choosing the one. 🙂

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