Best Business VoIP Service Providers 2022

VoIP is something which has increased a lot in the past few years. Now, most businesses want to go online and what’s better than to have the best internet connection. So, there are a lot of VoIP service providers which promise a lot of things and they are good as well.

Best VoIP Service Providers for Business

top voip service providers

But how to know which will best VoIP Service (Voice over Internet Protocol) suit your need?

For providing you with the best answer, we have gathered some of the best VoIP providers which won’t kill your pocket and will suit your growing business very well.


If you need a complete package for VoIP then 8×8 is the service with which you can go choosing without any doubts. It provides businesses with cloud-based VoIP which is both reliable and fast. They provide a lot of tools along with a reliable support. Combining all these features together makes 8X8 a complete package for small businesses. More importantly, if you focus is just on the high-speed internet and other IP phones then 8×8 is what we recommend you.

Ooma Office

If you need a VoIP service which is specifically made for small business then Ooma Office is for you. Their service is best because of minimal wiring and phones which can all be setup in minutes for less than 20 members. The system will provide you with a lot of features both basic and advanced in order to help your business to work smoothly. Some of its features even help in presenting the business as professional as ring groups, auto-receptionist and even a voicemail-to-email. All these features are available at a very competitive price.

Best VoIP Service


If your business is more about on the go, then RingCentral is the service which you should consider. It provides service to connect your phones to mobile workers either on their mobiles or home cells. This service is not the only thing, but a bucket load of features comes with this to help you go with your business professionally. Now if you say, connecting to mobile workers is also provided by other services then you must consider the extra features you get by RingCentral and especially at such a low price.


If you are looking for the most reliable VoIP service, then we would recommend you with Nextiva. They had the highest percentage of uptime the last year and that makes them worthy enough to be on our list. Moreover, if you need to serve your complete office rather than just your VoIP then also Nextiva is what you should go for. With the best uptime and a service to do everything for your business, it is certainly one of the best VoIP service provider. Last but not the least, you can argue about the features but you cannot argue about the price at which they are offering all the features.

These are some of the Top VoIP service providers and each VoIP service provider is best in a particular area. So, it would be a breeze to choose among these, just see what you need the most for your business and go for any of the services mentioned above. They will provide extraordinary services at the most competitive prices. 🙂

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