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Hipdf: All-In-One Free Online PDF Solution

Gone are those days when you just had to hit your head on the file format that you received. When technology has been growing far and wide, why should we adjust the file format? With so many online tools available today, there’s no need to struggle with file formats that aren’t compatible with your needs. One great example of an online tool that can make your life easier is an Online compressor for pdfs.

Hipdf: All-in-One Tool for Managing PDFs

Do you want to convert pdf to word? Or you want to move a word to be converted into a PPT? These days, everything is possible. The best part? It is all available online, that too at free of cost.

What is Hipdf all about?

Hipdf is one such amazing online platform that brings to you complete conversion solutions – it is easy, quick and free! Do you need anything else? At Hipdf, you can convert your pdf file into any format that you would want to have it in. This is an online website, that can be accessed by anyone and everyone.

Once you land on their official page, you will be able to access the different options easily, as the options are very clear. Just click on the tile which you want to avail, and that’s all about it!

Apart from just converting your PDF into various formats, you can also avail the below features-

  • Merging the PDFs: You can now have multiple PDFs into one single document using this feature.
  • Splitting the PDFs into different portions: Have to divide your PDF into different pages and documents? Well, Hipdf allows you to do that, by using their splitting option.
  • Compressing the PDF: You can reduce the size of your large PDF so that you are able to email it. This feature will not affect the content of the document.

As of now, this website is available only in the English language, but the team is working on introducing few more common languages so that you can then access this website from anywhere and at any time!

How to use Hipdf?

All-In-One Online PDF Solution

As mentioned above, you can use this website to convert your PDF into various formats.

How to convert PDF to the word?

  • Go to the official page of Hipdf. You will find the option to convert pdf to word – click on that option.
  • Once you click on that, you will find an option convert! As simple as that.
  • Just upload the document that needs to be converted and go, drink a glass of water and come back. In this short span of time, your document will be ready.

You can download the file and it will get downloaded to your local browser.

How to convert PDF to JPG with Hipdf

  • On the homepage, you will have an option of ‘Convert PDF files to Images’ – select that.
  • Once you click on that, you will be able to see multiple options –PDF to JPG, PDF to PNG, PDF to BMP, PDF to GIF, and PDF to TIFF.
  • Choose the one you want and upload the file.

Just wait for few minutes and your new formatted file will be all set to download.

How to merge multiple PDF files into one single PDF?

Apart from the conversion of PDF into various formats, you can also merge multiple PDFs into one. On the homepage, you will see an option of ‘Merge PDF’.

  • Simply click on that and upload the files that you want to merge.
  • You will have to select one file at a time.
  • Once you upload all the pdf’s you will have an option of merge
  • Just click on that and wait for Hippdf to run its magic wand. You will be able to download the merged file.

PDF editing made easy. Discover SodaPDF, the easy-to-use software complete with editing tools for modifying PDF files your way. Overall, this is truly a one-stop solution to all your conversion needs, and you do not need to pay a single penny for using it!

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