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Top 3 Webmaster Affiliate Tools To Rock Your Affiliate Sales In 2020

Who doesn’t love the idea of quitting their 9-5 and start working from anywhere in the world without a set work schedule? Successful affiliate marketers don’t need to dream about this lifestyle – they have the option to live this way.

The fastest way to fulfilling that is through getting a profit from owning a website, and the use of affiliate marketing is the easiest solution ever.

Webmaster Affiliate Tools

The only problem is that nowadays with the rising popularity of digital marketing making it as an affiliate marketer is no easy feat. So how do you build a successful affiliate marketing business? You start with the right tools.

That’s why our friends at Indoleads prepared four best affiliate marketing tools that already contribute to a huge success of our publishers, so you definitely need at least to give it a try.

Let’s begin with Indoleads!

1] Banner Tool

It is a tool that allows publishers to create almost any marketing visual assets, from the simplest static image to the most elaborate html5 animated ad. The possibilities are limitless: publishers can use this tool to create visual content for their social media posts, websites and email campaigns.

The process is easy as it is: a publisher simply creates a banner spot on the website using the global code offered by Indoleads.

2] URL Transformer

This tool converts all links to affiliate links using their respective affiliate programs. How to use it? It’s easy, fast and super effective! If you are running a review website or a forum, just add our snippet on your page and voila!

All the links your audience shares will be converted into Indoleads affiliate links. As long as your users post the links, you will literally fulfill “earning while sleeping” dream!

3] Coupons and Deals

Everybody loves a great deal. It probably tracks back to far away 1881 when Coca-Cola introduced the first paper free drink voucher. Since then, consumers have never actually been out of precious coupons’ magic spell.

You might think that coupons don’t work these days, and no one follows it, but it is nearly opposite! People love saving money and nothing can beat it. According to Juniper Research, digital coupons redemptions are to surge to $91 billion by 2022, up from $47 billion in 2017.

Our coupons and deals tool aggregates all special deals of advertisers with the option to range them based on type (deals, free delivery and so on), region and action.

4] XML feed

If a banner tool and coupons are rather wide-spread tools quite familiar among both advertisers and publishers, XML feed is sometimes less known. What is it and why do we need it?

XML is the most convenient and commonly used format of product data feed. Data feed is a big file that contains information about advertiser’s products and services.

It is like a large database, that includes all advertisers’ products and its attributes, such as: product name, product ID, price, description, landing Page, UPC codes, category, stock availability, weight size and dimensions, technical specification, keywords.

Speaking plainly, XML feed is a list of described products provided by advertisers in the form of a code which consists of tags.

That means, being a publisher you don’t need to unload each product separately, you can do it all together. Moreover, the information uploaded on your website is automatically updated as it is linked to the advertiser’s website.

So how to use it for your affiliate business?

Simple as it is! You are a publisher and want to create a site with most popular clothes, accessories and shoes offers but it is too long to create the affiliate link for each product as there are thousands of products which are continually changed.

In this case, you can check the offer and use XML feed which includes all goods from the website with their description (brand, image, old and new price, collections, sizes, categories, affiliate links for each product and so on).

You only need to upload all these feeds to your website. The customers who will come to the advertiser’s website through your site will do it via automatically generated affiliate link.

Since the data is taken directly from the primary source, when the feed is updated, for example, if product prices have changed, the changes are automatically completed in the publisher’s catalog, too. In the Indoleads system feeds are updated every 5 hours.

Thus, it’s a great timesaver, as the publisher doesn’t need to manually add products in the affiliate store as well as to constantly monitor the changes on the advertiser’s website.

At Indoleads they a great variety of the best offers with XML product feed, such as Aliexpress,, eBay, Lazada, iHerb, Linio and much more. The feed is uploaded and set up by a specialist of the tracking department.

You need to generate a file of the required structure with necessary data, and provide our specialist with a link to it. If required, you can add several feeds: in various languages, with various product and price categories.

Final Thoughts

If sustainable affiliate business is your ultimate goal, don’t be afraid to try the most effective  tools and methods, such as a product feed or an XML feed.

The simplicity of using it and its high effectiveness are truly game-changing. Indoleads will be happy to provide you with more information on how to make the most out of your affiliate website.

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