The Ever Changing Google Algorithm Saga

It is a fact that Google constantly changes the algorithm that affects the ranking of pages for SEO and visibility. So, what you found to be a working system yesterday, may not work today. The only way to keep ahead is to accept the change and work with your product description to get the best possible return.

Changing Google Algorithm Saga

Google Algorithm

Firstly, you must accept change as an inevitable consequence of an expanding internet. For example, it was one acceptable to simply state that you sold computers or tablets. But now, that simple search would create a listing too long for a customer to attempt a rational decision.

SEO exists to narrow that search to a manageable level and it gives you, as a business, the opportunity to put your product at the top of the listings. You cannot stop the change, so use it. There are a number useful techniques that you can employ to ensure success.

Continual web page optimization

Search engine optimization is a process that takes time and should be continually monitored. You must keep up with the changes and modify to suit the latest trends. If not, then the chances are that you are wasting valuable time and effort on an SEO campaign that is misdirected, or create spam which will result in a penalty.

A well constructed and up to date SEO structure has a far better chance of keeping high in the search engine rankings. A company such as Youthnoise are experts in this field and can structure a campaign that suits your business profile.

Check out the competition

If your market competitors are ranking higher than you, then it is fair to say that they are carrying out an effective SEO campaign. Don’t be afraid to check out their Google AdWords campaign and see what keywords are most effective. These tools are there to help you maximize your presence on the internet by ensuring you are utilizing the latest algorithms.

Mobile compatibility

There are trillions of searches carried out on Google each year and it is estimated that around 60% of these are now carried out on mobile devices. The trend towards searching while on the move as necessitated a change in how AdWords operates and you need to utilize this new format for effective site SEO.

Location based mobile searches are growing which means that you can now be seen by customers in your area. Google have driven the use of mobile Apps that target location based advertisements, so to truly energize your sales, this should be considered a priority. Further information on the current and impending changes can be seen at Inside AdWords.

Social Media

In a word, you cannot ignore it. If a piece of news or a new product launch is trending, it will be on Facebook and Twitter, to name but two. Facebook is offering new advertising options with SEO incorporated and choices on where you show your business to the public.

With over a billion regular users and countless product searches, it makes sense that a well structured social media campaign, coupled with an up to date website using the latest algorithms is the best way to go.

Search Engine Optimization

The final analysis is Search Engine Optimization is here to stay. It will become more complex as will the algorithms it needs to analyze what sites will be heading the table and which have fallen behind. Keep your site current, follow the rules, and you will succeed in the SEO battle. 🙂

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