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How To Choose The Right Topic For Your Essay

An essay is one of the most common assignments during the academic term in universities. Handed in on time, a high-quality essay will consolidate the knowledge on the subject, teach the basics of public speaking, the rules of creating scientific texts, and possibly help the student to get relief at the exam: an extra point or advanced standing.

How to Choose the Best Topic for Your Essay

Guidelines for Choosing a Topic

Often the quality of an essay is determined by the right choice of topic. Nevertheless, many students choose the topic of an essay at random, which leads to difficulties during writing the work: the topic is too complicated and does not correspond to the level of the student’s training, the topic is little studied and more suitable for a research paper or dissertation, the topic is too narrow and therefore poorly represented in the sources available to the student.

In general, you have two options on how to choose a topic. The first is to choose the “write my essay for me” option. In this case, you will be sure that you will get the desired grade for this paper. The second option is to choose a topic and write your essay yourself.

In this case, you can also achieve the desired result, but this option is more complicated and time-consuming, so you should be careful and adhere to the following recommendations.

Examine the procedures for selecting the topic of an essay in universities

First, you need to understand the process of selecting a topic. So, there are three ways to choose the topic of an essay.

  • The choice of the topic of an essay from the recommendation list: such a list can be published in the working program of the discipline or offered to students in one of the classes.
  • The student and the instructor develop the topic of the essay together.
  • Independent choice of the student – the student chooses an interesting topic and gets approval from the professor.

The easiest way is to choose a topic from a pre-prepared list. First, the list is often available at the beginning of the academic semester, and in this case, students have the opportunity to collect materials for the essay well before the deadline is announced.

Second, professors offer well-developed topics for essays that are appropriate for the student’s level of preparation. This means that problems with finding information and writing an essay are not likely to arise.

The remaining ways are suitable only for the most diligent and talented students. To agree on a topic with a professor or to propose your own, you need to be well versed in the subject or at least strive for excellence in your studies.

The advantage of such ways is that an essay, the topic of which is created by the student himself or on the recommendation of the professor, can in the future become a good scientific article or a promising study.

Follow helpful tips when choosing a topic from the list

  • Be quick to review the list of suggested topics as soon as possible. Remember that classmates are wide awake, and someone may be planning to write an essay on your topic.
  • Follow helpful tips when choosing a topic from the list
  • Be quick to review the list of suggested topics as soon as possible. Remember that classmates are not napping, and someone may be planning to write an essay on your topic.
  • Choose a topic that fits your academic interests. An essay can be good practice for writing a term paper and a dissertation.
  • Check out the library and Google Scholar. It will take longer to prepare a paper if the academic library has a couple of textbooks on the topic, and Scholar has a few articles.

Use the checklist to assess the difficulty of your essay topic

Give your topic 1 point for each affirmative answer.

  • Is the topic of interest for modern science? Perhaps, the key questions of the future essay have long been solved?
  • Are there prospects for further research of the topic?
  • A query on the topic in Google Scholar returns more than 30 relevant (issued in the last couple of years) scientific publications, monographs, dissertations?
  • Optical distortions. The topic of the abstract suggests that the author will resort to complex and rather abstract reasoning?

If you get 5 points – the topic may require revision and consultation with the professor. If the topic is poorly developed by the community of scholars (see item 3), you may want to change the topic. A score of 2 to 4 is optimal.

Reformulate the topic to reduce the complexity of the paper

Work on the essay should be interesting to the author, that is you. Professors understand this and, usually, offer their students to reformulate the topic before writing the essay. Take advantage of this opportunity to get better results.

You can reformulate a topic to narrow the research, simply put, to reduce the complexity of your future work and save time.

To give you an example: it is much easier to write a good essay on a topic that has a specific object or problem in its title than to prepare a brilliant paper that covers unsolvable fundamental problems of science.

It is possible that you are interested in complex issues and unsolved problems. In this case, do not forget that time is not on your side. An essay is not a scientific paper, its preparation should take 5-7 working days.

It may be worth leaving a topic that is too complicated for the future and write a thorough term paper or an article in a scientific journal on it.

What else to keep in mind.

  1. It does not matter whether you chose the topic of your essay yourself or taken from the list, the professor with a high probability knows the answer to any question you have and will help you avoid mistakes when preparing an essay.
  2. Ask senior students or read the info on the Internet about the most common mistakes when writing an essay and be sure not to repeat those mistakes.
  3. Check the formatting requirements for the essay before starting writing and follow them – otherwise, you may have to rewrite your essay from scratch.
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