Essential Tips for Class 6 Olympiad Exam Preparation


Olympiads are increasing trendsetters which give your mind the boost it needs as per your age and current qualification. However, they can also be considered as difficult and hectic if not prepared for in the right way.

But, there is no need for anyone to feel stressed or inferior because no one is born perfect but yes, through the tips in this article, one can not only work on their stress and weakness but can also ace their exam with perfection.

Essential Tips for Olympiad Exam Preparation

Class 6 Olympiad Exam Preparation

Let’s find out what are some of these must-know tips.


Study with the book provided

Most organizations do provide sample booklets that have a lot of content related to the exams that the students will be giving. Therefore, students should purchase that book as it will not only form a base but also will strengthen their competitive level.

Start with the Achievers section 

The sample book mentioned above has an achievers section. If the students are done with their syllabus and have revised the content then it is a good idea to start with the achievers’ section of the book and then go to the normal preparatory section.

This is because this section of the exams usually has more numbers assigned to it so if the students start by this section, not only will their difficulty levels improve but also during the exams it will boost their confidence level and will leave them with more time and will allow them to revise their options.

Syllabus Review 

Keep reviewing the syllabus section from the website of the organization conducting the Olympiad as it might happen that the organization might make some changes to the same.

Sample paper and previous years question papers 

These are very important part of any examination. They are usually available in the book provided. The practice done through these papers can prepare the students with the type of questions that the students can expect in the exam. Last ten years question papers can be very helpful and at times question are even repeated.

Class 6 IMO Question Paper 2013, and question papers of rest of the years can prove to be very beneficial for the students and will also sharpen their exam skills.

Prepare with the clock in hand 

Every exam has a certain time limit irrespective but in accordance of the class of the students giving the exams.

Students should check the time that they will be getting for their exam and should solve the above question papers within that time limit or else at least try to do so. This practice will reduce their panic during the exam and will allow them multiple revisions.

Be more objective with the preparation 

Since the Olympiads are usually MCQs based i.e. they are mostly objective based, therefore the students should ensure that they also give practice to these types of questions.

These objective questions may look very similar and at times it is hard to choose one option because of their increasing similarity, thereby confusing the students. So make sure that the practice is given to such objective questions.

Depth and Details

As mentioned, the Olympiads have MCQs which are usually very similar and can cause great havoc while giving exams, therefore it is very important for the students that they study in great depth, understanding everything line by line and students should avoid any sort of cramping as they will eventually forget it and would lose marks due to confusion during exam.

Work on you Weak Sections 

Every person is aware of their weak sections. Since the proper bifurcation of each section is already given, the students must find for themselves, what part or what section they find difficult.

If they think that they are not able to do some part properly and find even the easiest of the questions related to the part difficult, then there can be a problem with the fundamental level of that section.

Students, in that case should stop solving the difficult questions of that section and immediately shift to the foundational/fundamental ones and clear and strengthen that level first. If the students continue to solve the difficult questions, it will lower their confidence and make them feel mentally exhausted.

Include play hours 

It is important for the students to study for the Olympiads everyday but it is even more important for the students to have some playing hours every day.

This will not help them to grow at such a tender age physically but also mentally and after this healthy play they would find themselves concentrating more on studies and would be able to better solve and retain problems and concepts.

If students start feeling stressed or are unable to make progress, they should immediately stop and go for a quick play.

Practice on OMR sheets 

Olympiads are usually done on OMR sheets and these sheets have a very delicate way of recording answers. It is usually advised that students should avoid making any mistakes in the OMR sheets.

A regular practice on OMR sheets would provide the students with a sense of answering correctly and avoid major mistakes during the exam itself.

Usually OMR sheets are available in the sample workbook provided but even if they are not provided then they are easily available in the market and are very economical.

These were some of the tips which if followed would help sail the students through the exams easily and without any stress. Additional care must be taken by the parents to not force the students to pass the examination; they should rather focus on the experience and knowledge that the students would get.

Also, a close check should be kept on the stress and sleep routine of the students because, at such a tender age, these factors can affect the students easily and can lead to long term consequences mostly negative. Rest assured, if these tips are followed diligently, then one should probably start preparing a wall of achievements. All the best.

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