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Mark Prin Suparat: Bio, Profile, Education, Career, Girlfriend & Family

Mark Prin Suparat is a well-known Thai actor and model who also goes by the names Prin Suparat and Mark Prin. He is most known for his role as ‘Thianwat Nawanawakun’ in the Thai television drama series ‘My Husband in Law’, which premiered in 2020. He’s seen on Channel 3. He is a member of the group 4+1 Channel 3 Superstar, which includes Mario Maurer, Nadech Kugimiya, Pakorn Chatborirak, and Phupoom Pongpanu. He is also well renowned for his performances in Punya Chon Kon Krua (2012), Pope Rak (2014), Rak Nakara (2017), Kleun Cheewit (2017), and My Forever Sunshine (2020). In this article, we’ll talk about Mark Prin Suparat’s bio, profile, education, career, girlfriend, and family.

Mark Prin Suparat Biography

Bio, Education, and Family

Mark Prin Suparat was born on March 19, 1990, in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The family also includes an older and two younger sisters. His father is Chinese, and his mother is Thai. Mark has maternal traits. When Mark was young, his family relocated to Lampang, where he spent the majority of his youth. As a high school graduate, he took first place in judo competitions. He continued his studies while attending Rungsit University, and he even received a sports scholarship. After completing his higher education in Tourism and Hospitality Prin Suparat worked at several places but while working he was never satisfied with his work, he always wanted to do something interesting. He loved to watch TV shows and dramas from his childhood. One day he realized that he was interested in the entertainment field, so he decided to leave his current Tourism and Hospitality job and build his career in the Thai entertainment industry. After graduating from university, he worked as a manager for the prominent Thai channel Channel 3. The producers saw the charmingly smiling man and invited him to try acting.

Mark is an exceptional football player who also practices judo (black belt). – likes to sing. – draws well. – Many people characterize him as a pleasant and well-mannered individual. – I participated in athletics during my school years. – participates in firing. – Mark is not only an actor but also a successful model. In the autumn of 2017, Mark was tonsured as a monk and worked in the temple for two weeks. In Thailand, it is accepted that all men must take monastic vows. Anyone can enter and go as they like, become a monk for a long time, or quickly return to worldly life. However, he should devote at least a week or two to the temple. Only after spending time in a monastery can a guy be deemed completely developed.


In 2014, the actress revealed to the press that she and Mark were “more than friends,” implying an actual confession in a relationship. More actors don’t disguise their relationship. However, establishing these partnerships officially was a difficult process fraught with gossip and rumors. In 2013, Mark and Kim’s amorous correspondence on the Line app was exposed to the network. Mint Chalida, an actress who was formally dating Mark at the time, was found to have leaked information. Mint forwarded this correspondence to a friend to confirm what she observed, but it turned out that the discussion had ended up on the network. However, at the time of the leak, Kimberly was in a relationship with Maker J’s producer, Jet Nattapon. The issue sparked heated debate on the Internet and harmed the performers’ fame, who had previously refused to admit to being in a relationship.


He made his acting debut in 2010’s Love in the Shadows Lakorn. This project also featured three new actors: Nadet Kugimiya, Mint Natwara, and Kubkib Sumolthip. The series received a high rating, however, it did not result in a brand of success. In the same year, he participated in numerous more productions, including “The Heart of Akkani,” “The Himalayas of Tara,” and “Bewitched Vayapak”. Mark rose to prominence after filming the romantic comedy “War is war, and dinner is on schedule!” in which the actress plays his on-screen partner. In coming years, the performers will play multiple times in combined projects: “Love at Hand” (2013), “Love on the Net” (2015), and “Closer to the Rhythms of My Heart” (2016).

The actor appeared in the mystical romance lacorn “Love of Two Worlds” in 2014, in which he collaborated with an actress. Mark co-starred with the most popular actress in the melodramatic film “Waves of Life” in 2017. Mark played a lawyer adopted by a wealthy family whose girlfriend gets hit by the famous actress Gee and dies in urgent care as a result. Mark’s hero is now attempting to attain justice and imprison the actress because her driver bears sole responsibility. He swears to ruin Ji’s life and vengeance for her fiancé. Lakorn has become popular not just in Thailand, but also far beyond its borders. A year later, the actor accepts an invitation to appear in the spectacular love film “Brave Hero”.

My Husband in Law is a 2020 Thai drama about a man who is compelled to marry someone he has no attraction to. Muey is a young girl who lived with her adopted mother, who was also her mother’s friend when her biological mother died. Muey also has a crush on her adoptive mother’s son, Thian. Although Muey adores him, Thian never appears to love her; instead, he constantly taunts her, toys with her, and occasionally bullies her. Muey never became upset or retaliated against Thian when she was bullied since she loved him so much. Thian was once compelled to marry Muey to get rid of a strong man’s wife. Thian was uncomfortable with the marriage because he had never considered Muey to be his life mate. In addition, Thian desired an ideal lady for his wife, but Muey was never perfect in his eyes.


  • The Order (2014)
  • Necromancer (2019)
  • Haunted Tales (part “The Book of Truth”) (2021)

Television dramas

  • Ngao Ruk Luang Jai (2010)
  • Thara Himalaya (2010)
  • Duang Jai Akkanee (2010)
  • Pathapee Leh Ruk (2010)
  • Wayupak Montra (2010)
  • Tawan Deard (2011)
  • Sarm Noom Nuer Tong (2011)
  • Panyachon Kon Krua (2012)
  • Nuer Mek 2 (2012)
  • Khun Chai Ronapee (2013)
  • Ton Ruk Rim Rua (2013)
  • Pope Rak (2014)
  • Ab Ruk Online (2015)
  • Buang Athithan (2016)
  • Kleun Cheewit (2017)
  • Rak Nakara (2017)
  • Kom Faek (2018)
  • Ruk Jung Aoey (2019)
  • My Husband in Law (2020)
  • Trab Fah Mee Tawan (2020)
  • Game of Outlaws / Game Lah Torrachon (2021)
  • Eclipse of the Heart / Tai Ngao Tawan (2023)
  • Jon Kwa Ja Dai Ruk Gun

Music video appearances

  • “Time Bomb” (2017)
  • “Hua Jai Sung Hai Rak” (2020)


  • Net Design
  • Tipco Orange Juice
  • Tipco 100% with Ploy Chermarn Boonyasak
  • Honda Brio
  • Yah See Fun
  • XACT Autume/Winter 2011 Collection
  • Oishi 2012 (Tour Japan)
  • I-Mobile Sport Lifestyle
  • Tipco Fruit Plus
  • Honda Brio with Urassaya Sperbund
  • I-Mobile I-Style Q2′
  • Fitne Tea with Toey Jarinporn
  • Vaseline for Men
  • DoubelMint Bubble Gum
  • 12Plus Colorista with Kim Tae-hee
  • CloseUp with Kimberly Ann Voltemas
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 with Peechaya Wattanamontree
  • Family Mart with Kimberly Ann Voltemas
  • The North Face Gucci with Davika Hoorne


  • Rak Hai Roo(Love to Know) Ost. Sarm Noon Nuer Tong
  • Yoot Wela (Stop Time) Ost. Phope Ruk


  • 2021 : Full EP.1 | Bookmark On Air YouTube


  • 2012 Siam Bunterng: Hottest Male of the Year 2012
  • 2012 Seesan Buteng Award: Fantasy Couple of the year
  • 2013 Seesan Buteng Award: Fantasy Couple of the year
  • 2013 Kazz Award: Best Koo-jinn of the year
  • 2015 Korean Culture & Entertainment awards: Popular Foreign Actor at Korea
  • 2015: Cool Guy of the year 2016 Kazz Award: Most Popular Male
  • 2016 Daradaily The Great Awards
  • 2016 Sudsupda Magazine: 10 Huggable Boys 2016
  • 2017 Kazz Award
  • 2017: Super Star Award
  • 2018 Howe Award
  • 2018: Best Actor Award: Kluen Cheewit
  • 2018 MThai Top Talk
  • 2018: Best Actor Award: Kluen Cheewit
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