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Riley Wang is a Taiwanese-Canadian singer, actor, and DJ. He has appeared in several television dramas, including Back from the Brink (2023), Attention, Love! (2017), and Be Yourself (2021). In this post, we will analyse Riley Wang’s net worth, age, height, biography, birthday, education, work, and family.

Riley Wang Biography

Bio, Education, and Family

Riley Wang is one of the most popular and wealthy Taiwanese-Canadian actors and singers. He was born in Taiwan on March 18, 1996. His family moved to Canada when he was ten years old, where he spent most of his teenage years. Wang came in second place in a Vancouver modeling competition in 2012. In the second half of 2014, he joined Taiwanese boy band SpeXial, along with two other new members. On January 13, 2015, he made his SpeXial debut under the English name “Riley”. Riley Wang’s height is 6 feet 0. His music teacher, Jody Heald, describes how piano is taught remotely, along with a special demonstration by eleven-year-old musician Riley Wang.


Riley Wang has been in a relationship with Taiwanese actress and singer Kuo Shuyao, also known as Yao Yao, since the two met on the 2017 Taiwanese drama series “Attention, Love!” In October 2017, the two were sighted in Korea holding hands, revealing their romance. The two denied their relationship and stated that they were just incredibly good friends. However, in April of last year, the two were captured kissing in a taxi cab after eating at a restaurant in Taiwan. While the two did not acknowledge their relationship openly, Yao Yao’s management organization sent out a letter that said, “Thank you to everyone for your concerns and blessings,” implying that she is dating Riley Wang.

Riley Wang frequently travels abroad since he is so busy filming. It was reported that the longest they had been separated was three months. Last October, the two were rumored to have split up after Yao Yao wrote a mysterious remark on her Instagram: “Once we learn how to hold hands, we need to learn how to let go.” Many admirers assumed the couple had split up after seeing this post, however, there was no follow-up. Yao Yao was asked about her relationship with Riley Wang once more today at an occasion. She replied, “It’s very good. Thank you everyone. Distance is an issue. Saying it isn’t is a lie, but on the other hand, it’ll make us cherish the time we spend together even more.”


In 2014, he joined Taiwanese boy band SpeXial, along with two other new members. On January 13, 2015, he made his SpeXial debut under the English name “Riley”. Comic International Productions founded SpeXial, a Taiwanese boy band, in 2012. The group name is a mix of “eXtra” and “Special”, expressing the group’s ambition to be distinctive. The group began with four members and debuted on December 7, 2012, with their self-titled album, SpeXial. After multiple roster changes, the group’s final lineup is made up of only three members: Win, Ian, and Dylan. Their fandom name is SXF, which stands for “Special Mission”. SpeXial conducted their first major concert “SpeXial the 1st Concert – SpeXial Land 2016” at Xinzhuang Gymnasium in New Taipei City on May 21-22, 2016, with Pets Tseng making a guest appearance.

In 2012, Comic International Productions chose four males with an average age of 20 and a height of 183 cm to join the new boy band “SpeXial”. Wes (who had his acting debut in the Taiwanese Idol Drama K.O.3an Guo), Wayne (one of the top ten competitors in the Taiwanese TV singing competition One Million Star (Season 6), Brent, and Sam (who made their acting debuts in the television series KO One Return). SpeXial trained in South Korea for a month before to the release of their first album. SpeXial released their debut self-titled Mandopop album, SpeXial, on December 7, 2012. The Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development provided funding for the album under the “2012 Funding the Production and Marketing of Outstanding Popular Music” program.

SpeXial also appeared in the Idol Drama KO One Return, where he performed the theme and insert songs. In 2013, SpeXial appeared in the sequel, KO One Re-act. Because of their positive image in the drama, Executive Yuan encouraged them to endorse an anti-drug campaign alongside Pets Tseng (who also starred in the sequel). On January 5, 2016, KKBOX announced that Ding Dang and SpeXial had been invited as guest performers at the 11th KKBOX Music Awards Presentation, which was SpeXial’s first time performing at the program. On January 9, SpeXial was invited to take part in the recording of TTV’s annual Lunar New Year music show, 2016 Super Star: A Red & White Lunar New Year Special. They competed as white team artists, performing two dance songs: Break It Down 11.11 and Dangerous. The music show was subsequently broadcast on February 7. On January 24, SpeXial performed three dance songs at the KKBOX Music Awards Presentation: Love Guardian, Dangerous, and Silly Girl. This performance also served as Brent’s comeback showcase following his military duty.

Brent had already competed in the 2016 Super Star, however, the KKBOX Music Awards were televised earlier, therefore this was his formal comeback performance. Sam and Ian were unable to attend the ceremony for these two performances because they were serving in the military and filming a TV program. SpeXial conducted their first major event “SpeXial the 1st concert – SpeXial Land 2016” at Xinzhuang Gymnasium in New Taipei City on May 21-22, with Pets Tseng making a guest appearance. The concert had four themes: “Welcome to SpeXial Land”, “SpeXial Lover”, “Theme Park Challenge”, and “Ultimate Theme Park”. In addition, SpeXial reappeared as a ten-member group with Sam’s comeback display one week after his military service ended.

On June 5, SpeXial won “Hito Group” and “Most Popular Group” at the 2016 Hito Music Awards. Riley and Ian, however, were unable to attend the ceremony since they were filming television programs. On July 14, Comic International Productions announced the acquisition of two new Chinese members: Dylan and Zhiwei. They were then introduced during the press conference for Mandopop’s fourth album, Boyz On Fire, on July 19. The album was released on August 12. Aside from acting in the dramas KO ONE: RE-MEMBER and High 5 Basketball, SpeXial has been in film and microfilms and hosted several variety shows. Meanwhile, SpeXial broke into the Chinese market by appearing in web series and films like Ultimate Ranger, Men with Sword, and Realm of the Immortals, among others.

He made his acting debut in 2017 with the web series Long For You, portraying the lead. He has also appeared in other online series, including Attention, Love!, Long For You 2, and I Hear You. Wang said on August 25, 2017, that he will be leaving SpeXial after his contract was terminated due to “different career objectives.” His exit from the gang occurred that same day. Following his departure, SpeXial expanded to a group of nine members.


  • Fangs of Fortune
  • Shui Long Yin
  • Private ShuShan College
  • The Legend of Rosy Clouds (2023)
  • Egg and Stone (2023)
  • Back From the Brink (2023)
  • Sisters, Bottoms Up (2023)
  • Choice Husband (2023)
  • Song of the Moon (2022)
  • Be Yourself (2021)
  • Love Is Sweet (2020)
  • First Romance (2020)
  • Everyone Wants To Meet You (2020)
  • Nine Kilometers of Love (2019)
  • I Hear You (2019)
  • Long For You 2 (2018)
  • Attention, Love (2017)
  • Long For You (2017)


  • Mozart from Space (2022)
  • The Prequel of Magical Brush 6: Guardian (2017)
  • The Prequel of Magical Brush 5: Sacrificial Altar (2017)
  • The Prequel of Magical Brush 4: Dreams (2017)
  • The Prequel of Magical Brush 3: Suffering (2017)
  • The Prequel of Magical Brush 2: The Devil Lands (2017)
  • The Prequel of Magical Brush 1: Demon’s Portrait (2017)
  • Xian Xia Academy (2016)


  • First Romance: Special (2020)

TV Show

  • MIA Season 1 (2016)
  • Day Day Up (2008)
  • NewShowBiz (1995)
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