DoYourData Super Eraser Review for Mac

Are you planning to sell off your PC or a Mac device? Perhaps you would want to delete everything on the device before you can actually sell it off. However, a standard data deletion that you use under standard conditions may not be sufficient.

DoYourData Super Eraser for Mac


A simple data recovery software will be able to expose all your data. That is exactly where you should use a tool like DoYourData Super Eraser.

What is DoYourData Super Eraser?

DoYourData Eraser is an excellent too, though, of a recent origin, that helps you delete the contents from your hard drive. The complete and full erasing without leaving any traces is what would make it one of the great options you will be able to get the best results in.

It lets you securely and completely erase all the data on your Mac and removes your personal information beyond any source of data recovery.

In fact, DoYourData Super Eraser for Mac will work in such an efficient manner that you can the data will not be retrieved by any of the high end data recovery software. The software can make use of an excellent functionality and can even handle the unused space on your drive to erase your files.

The data eraser software should be one of the prominent options for an award winning data removal software. The software has had over 150,000 active users who swear by the software and the high end performance that it can offer you.

The Great features that offer a perfect functionality

The DoYourData Super Eraser for Mac comes with a host of added features and functions and works efficiently as a perfect Mac data eraser.

The permanent data eraser for Mac comes with multiple options that would look for in a perfect data eraser software. The software can delete all your data across any of your devices. This includes an effective data erasing on Mac computers, hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card, RAID, Server, and other digital devices. The service does support almost every kind of file formats.

A few features offered by the DoYourData Super Eraser will include the following essential features.

1] Permanently Shred Files 

You can choose to permanently remove every bit of the hard drive with ease. This will delete all the data without leaving any single trace of any file. Multiple pass data writing makes the recovery of data impossible.

Erase Files/Folders


2] Delete Selected files

You may not be looking ahead to removing the select few files and folders permanently, but would want to keep rest of the files. This will help you remove selected data and folders beyond recovery.

3] Mac Uninstaller 

This is an additional program that will help you uninstall all your unwanted programs without the possibility of recovery. Unlike the default uninstallation wizards, the DoYourData Super Eraser can uninstall the programs without leaving any trace of the leftover files.

4] Internet Cleaner

This is yet another excellent option contained within the tool and lets you safeguard your internet privacy. It removes the browsing history, cache, cookies and other data. It supports cleaning up every popular browser.

In essence, you will find that the DoYourData Super Eraser is one of the best options you would love to use on your mac software. Once you use the software to clean off your data, the data is gone forever. The deleted data will not be recovered by any of the high end data recovery software tools. I

f you are looking to get rid of the data on your Mac device and be always safeguarded against the software threat on your data, this is the right choice for your needs.

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