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10 Best Way to Find Out If Someone You Know Is A Criminal

When you meet someone new, the kind of impact they have on us is astounding. Cons, imposters, and people hiding their dubious past have become too common. While people put up their accomplishments on social media, nobody ever puts down being jailed or being penalized.

Find Out If Someone You Know Is A Criminal

Crimes involving the exploitation of vulnerabilities are very common. If you have a reputation of being too trusting or gullible, you will meet people who are there to take advantage of you. The increase in individual risks has given rise to the shortcuts of knowing if someone is a criminal.

Below are the 10 best ways to find out if someone you know is a criminal.


When it comes to getting authentic and real data about someone’s background, CocoFinder wins the battle. It is a web-based application that allows much more than snooping into someone’s credentials. You can know someone’s past and present in a jiffy.

You can attain legal background checks from CocoFinder. The information will be extracted from fully verified sources and there will be no doubt about the veracity of the information. Let us not take the risk of engaging with people we just met without seeing all about them.

CocoFinder - People Search

Immediate Results

Sometimes, we are a little time-bound in our actions. In such circumstances, we cannot delay checking up on someone’s background. This is where CocoFinder is immensely handy as almost immediately upon inserting someone’s data, you can extract their criminal history.

Information out of Vague Data

Even if you have vague information about someone, you can extract accurate data. The accuracy of data is done with the very structure of the web-based application. Whether you have general information or specific information, you will get results as you do on social media platforms.

So, you can view the search results, and based on the profile picture, you can see the target person. Even if you know the first name and location, last name, location, etc. the results can help you unearth the truth.

100% Authentic Information

With CocoFinder, you can be sure about the reliability of data. When checking up on someone’s criminal history, misleading information can result in some drastic steps. This is why you can’t be too dependent on the data that is not accurate.

Reliability of information and data is a certain conclusion with CocoFinder. You do not have to question, verify or even think twice about the results you attain from the platform.

Ease of Access

For using CocoFinder, you do not have to download or install any application. You can be as quick as diligent with it as possible. All you need to do is to head to the web page and type all the requisite data that you have.

Just look for the search tab and feed your data. From generic to basic details, you can type the data in your possession. What will follow will be the crunching of relevant data from CocoFinder’s resource.

When you identify the person’s data through profile details, just click on it and enter your email and card data. Once the payment goes through, you will get an email about all juicy, relevant, and criminal data about a person.


ZabaSearch is also an extremely popular background search application that also allows checking upon criminal status. The application has a wide usage and is used extensively as a background checking tool.


TruePeopleSearch also provides extensive data on someone’s background. While its usage has increased with time, it somehow is narrow in its coverage. Its database is restricted and so the results don’t always yield relevant data.


PeopleFinders assist you in looking up information about someone’s criminal history. As compared to CocoFinder, its details and data are not as trustworthy as the former. You can look people up and seek their criminal history.


TruthFinder is another popular alternative for checking someone’s criminal history. It is more of a background check service than a criminal history provider. You can attain information about someone’s dubious past.


WhitePages is also a reliable platform to dig data about someone. As far as its sources for extracting data are concerned, you can find almost all relevant details. However, the authenticity might not be 100% as compared to CocoFinder.


InstantCheckMate is also a web-based lookup platform that allows people to look into someone’s criminal history. You can check someone’s data immediately but you don’t always get a result with it. There might be occasions when you get no result at all and that can be frustrating.


FastPeopleSearch is a good look-up platform that acts as an active mode of checking up on people. It also has a wide resource that it extracts the data from, but the sources are not as reliable as CocoFinder.

The web-based application is best suited for checking general data. Criminal history per se, might not be so effectively displayed.


Intelius is a background check service that is garnering good popularity. While it is widely used, the wait time it has in extracting the results is very long. It can be frustrating and time-consuming to see the buffering with no results in sight. However, it has a decent history of functioning.


As the name suggests, TruthFinder helps in extracting the latent truth about someone. While it does assist in checking someone’s general data, checking criminal data might not be that easy. The interface could be made better and more user-friendly.


After assessing all the other alternatives, CocoFinder is the perfect and most authentic platform. You get only reliable legal background checks from CocoFinder. With the vast information database, search on CocoFinder always leads to trustworthy results.

As the exploitation of vulnerabilities can even affect you financially, it is the need of the hour to know someone’s history. Social media can only give you details that others want you to see. CocoFinder shows you what you need to see.

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