Debt and Stress: Manage, Reduce and Eliminate Debt-Related Anxiety

Chronic stress can prove to be the biggest threat to your health. It usually arises from leading an unhealthy lifestyle, work related problems and health issues. But, whatever might be the source, it is important to tackle stress and not let it affect your health.

Debt and Stress


It is a stated fact, that money is one of the biggest reason behind the growing stress culture. The entire process, right from earning money to the point of managing it, is stressful.

What adds fuel to this fire are the bills that knock on our door every month. To rescue ourselves from this financial crisis, we start using our credit cards and slowly, but gradually fall into the dark pit called ‘debt’.

Debt is directly related to stress. While you may not necessarily experience a panic attack, you will notice a shift in your health and behaviour.

For example, you may experience lack of sleep, poor diet, high blood pressure and suchlike. Stress has also been known to trigger heart attacks as it exposes your body to unhealthy and elevated levels of stress hormones.

Hence, it is important to evaluate your current situation, and find a way to balance both, debts and the related stress. Mentioned below are a few measures you can take to reduce debt related stress.

1] Personal loan

These loans act as financial saviours when you plan a trip abroad or buy your favourite car. But, the EMI of a personal loan has the potential to hit your financial stability for years. So, unless it’s highly important, avoid taking personal loans.

Instead, start saving a part of your monthly income and then move on to ticking things off your bucket list. This will devoid you of extra EMI payments and enhance your money saving skills.

2] Home loan

Home loan

A housing payment drops your bank balance every month by a big amount. This is because it’s not just the EMI that has to be paid. There are monthly premiums of home insurance, utilities and home maintenance charges as well. These costs add up to take a toll on your expenses and end up giving people nightmares.

3] Credit cards

The first one is always special. But, once the bills start coming over, their sight itself becomes tormenting. The only way to avoid this, is to clear your credit card payments every month.

In case you have a debt, treat it as one and get rid of it as soon as possible. Pay the highest interest and the lowest balance first. By doing so, you can keep a hold of your expenditure and not incur any debts.

So before you think of buying a gym membership or hiring a fitness trainer, make sure you sort your personal finances first. Unless your mind is stress-free, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is impossible.

Therefore, it is recommended to find the right balance to give your bank and your body the importance and care it deserves.

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