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Is There Any Scope In Tourism Management?

Even in this dysfunctional economy, if there is one sector that is happily thriving, it is Tourism. Global tourism is said to hit a peak figure of 1.6 Billion in 2020.

There are various job opportunities that this industry has created in the past and continues to do so in the present. Earning a tourism management degree in the current can be a brilliant option presently for several reasons.

Tourism Management

What is tourism management? 

This is a field that brings together activities pertaining to both tourism and hospitality. It is a versatile platform which shapes people that have experience and relevant training necessary to hold a managerial position in different sectors.

These sectors can be food, accommodations, and tourism industry. There are basically three areas that play a central role in this profile.

  • Functions that fall under the category of business administration such as finance, marketing and human resources.
  • Theories and principles of management.
  • Topics surrounding tourism industry.

Scope of tourism management? 

Travel and tourism is one industry that is booming and showing no sign of stagnation. Its growth rate in the past few years has been phenomenal. Tourism brings together contributors from various industries giving rise to a multitude of job options.

Some of the sectors concerned are tour companies, transportation, travel agencies, recreation, leisure, hotels, restaurant and more. Simply going by figures, the tourism industry is said to have generated 11 million jobs and the number will reach to 37 million in the future.

By getting the right skill set and knowledge one can find themselves surrounded by endless opportunities in this industry. All you need is a good degree to step into this interdisciplinary field. It will help you sharpen your expertise and acquaint you with various tools and techniques associated with tourism management.

This domain offers various job profiles. Here is a look at some of them.

1] Travel Manager

As a travel manager you would be required to direct, operate and administer travel program. They take care of travel plans for businesses and travel agencies.

A whole range of functions is performed by them ranging from preparing travel itineraries, planning accommodations, processing travel documents and assisting with travel issues.

2] Hotel Manager

As part of this job profile you will be responsible for taking care of everyday hotel operations and also supervising hotel employees.

You should be aware of all the necessary guidelines and laws of hotel management before undertaking this role. The functions can range from budgeting and financial management to handling customer complaints.

3] Holiday consultant

A holiday consultant is someone who gives clients all the necessary information for their trip to a particular destination. They are required to make travel plans, book tickets, pass along relevant information and update the client on cost and other issues.

Holiday consultant

There are various other jobs as well that one go for in cruises, airlines, hotels and tourism. A common factor that they all share is that each work profile is highly interesting, dynamic and stable.

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