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Clicknety Network Overview: Clicknety is a pop under network which connects advertisers with publishers from all over the world. Advertisers can advertise their product/business online and publishers can generate a good income by selling their traffic.

The powerful ad serving solution, the easy dashboard and the multiple target options makes clicknety a good alternative for the other networks which work with pop under ads.

Buy Traffic Ad Network - Clicknety

Clicknety – Buy Traffic Ad Network

Advertising on clicknety

The process of advertising with clicknety is very simple and require a few easy steps before the campaigns to go live.
Here are a few reasons to go with a partnership with clicknety advertising network:

  • Minimum bid: as low as $1 per 1000 full page pop under ads
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Multiple target options: geo, language, internet service provider, operating device, RON targeting, channel and keyword targeting
Advertising on clicknety

Advertising on clicknety

  • Tracking tokens for campaign optimization
  • Minimum deposit: $50(PayPal, Payoneer, wire transfer)

Buying mobile traffic with clicknety

Advertisers looking to buy mobile traffic can do that on clicknety without any risk involved. The traffic source is from own network publishers and verified partners.

The target option for iPhones and other mobile devices are explained bellow:

Mobile device target:

  • All mobile devices – mobile phones and tablet devices all together
  • Only tablet devices
  • Only cell phones
Buy Mobile Traffic

Buy Mobile Traffic

Mobile operating system:

  • All mobile OS
  • Android
  • IPhone / IPad / IPod Touch
  • Blackberry
  • Palmbeach web OS
  • Symbian
  • Windows Phone OS
  • other operating system

Buying targeted traffic with this network

clicknety advertising campaigns can be optimized with a lot of target options and optional settings to assure that advertisers investment will generate as many conversions as possible.

Advertisers can target by: keywords, categories, ISP (carrier if a mobile ISP is wanted), country, language, operating system/device, website language

Tracking tokens can be used as well with a tracker on the advertiser side to see exactly what websites are giving conversions.

Use clicknety to buy targeted traffic at affordable prices.

Making money with clicknety

You can generate good income with clicknety with a website or other source of direct traffic (social page, profile, free blogs). The code is generated very simple from the publisher dashboard and it became active in five minutes after implementation.

Making money with clicknety

Making Money with clicknety

  • Minimum payout:$10
  • Net 1 : the payments is sent the second day the minimum amount is reached
  • Worldwide traffic accepted
  • 100% fill-rate. The default ads are also caring earnings.
  • Skype and email support
  • Ad formats: full page pop under ads
  • Referral system: 10% from any referred advertiser spending and 10% from any referred publisher earnings.


Clicknety ad network can be a perfect solution to advertise your product with pop ads if your looking for this type of advertising or/and another way to make money online if you look to maximize your revenue by selling your website(s) traffic.

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