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TV Show Streaming Sites: Welcome today at Just Web World we are back with all new post on Top 10 Best TV Streaming Sites Online for free. Are you a TV addict and can’t live without watching and what if you are out of the home, are you able to watch TV, have you missed some serials or TV shows which you watch and want to watch them now or later then you would really good for you to know top 10 best TV Streaming Site which you can use to watch all the missed and upcoming TV serials, TV shows and Movies which are about or have already come to television and you have missed it. 😀

Best Live TV Streaming Sites List

Top Live TV Show/Movie Streaming Sites

Watching TV on daily basis is known to be good because it helps us to be update about the happenings in our locality and whole country plus it also helps to keep our mind fresh, by watching some serials or movie on television you don’t lose your time but you now require less time to do the operations which you were doing from last 2 hours. Doctor also recommend to watch television daily to keep your mind fresh and tension free. 😀 , want to watch TV now, online then read whole post on Top 10 best TV Streaming Sites.

Freee TV

Freee TV is a great network to watch TV online. They have around 10,000 serials, movies and shows online which you can watch online all for free. One thing i don’t like about this network of watching TV online is their search type, we’re not able to search thing properly according to their genre, type, and other factors.

Bee Line TV

Bee Line TV - Watch TV Online

Bee Line TV

Bee Line TV is also a good network source for watching movies, TV Serial and TV shows online for free. They upload all type of shows, serials and movies on their website and best part is they try to update new series of all the shows, serials and movies online as fast as the TV show, serial or movie ends.

Stream 2 Video

Stream 2 Video, i use to watch some serials on this network as i don’t have a international TV pack activated on my SET-Up Box and can say they always update every TV show, serial and movies after they ends plus the quality of their video is much better then others but the thing where they lack is the loading speed of the website which slows down the streaming of the videos too.

Free TV All

Free TV All is also a great network which have over 10,000 TV Serials, Shows and Movies in their database and try to upload more in the coming future, the thing which i consider talking about their site is the quality of Videos, that’s great and i mean you to check it out.

Jump TV

Jump TV - Live Streaming Video

Jump TV

Jump TV is a also a good source to watch TV Shows, serials and movies online. Here you can live stream any international channel for free and can even watch them in your car :p but you should have an active 3G / 4G connection if you don’t want to be disturbed while watching TV online.


EPC TV is a much good network to watch TV serials and shows online rather than movies because they have very less movies on their database, i guess 100-200 max and even quality is also bad.


Free TV Hub, from the name you can derive that its a very good HUB of watching all the TV Serials, Shows and Movies online for free. Free TV HUB always try to upload high quality of movie but they lack at loading and streaming speed due to slow servers.

Watch Free TV Online

Watch Free TV Online, the name of this channel is big and according to the name you can watch and stream movies, serials and show online all for free.

New TV World

Live TV Channels

Live TV

New TV World allows you to stream all channels online but only if you’re from India or Pakistan. New TV World telecasts mostly all of the active channels in India, and Pakistan. Best part is you can watch TV online and as well as missed shows, serials and movies.


Hulu, its an much popular network used by people to stream and watch movies online for free. Hulu is currently available in USA but telecast all Indian channels and some of the sites have also uploaded the bypass method to watch Indian Channels on Hulu.

Websites to Watch Movies Online Free


Above we have mentioned TOP 10 Best TV Streaming Sites which you can use to stream and watch TV Serials, Show and Movies online for free. Do you know more such TV Networks, you’re free to comment below and we would add them shortly. 😀

Thanks For Giving Us Your Precious Time. 😀

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  • Good for watching the movies that I was too scared to watch as a child (i.e. 6-12 years old).. Great for re-living my miss-spent youth in a small Midwestern town where there wasn’t movie theater or cable t.v. and cellular telephones were the equivalent of “Star Trek technology.

  • EPC TV is my favorite website to watch online movies free
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