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Sheng Hui Zi: Bio, Profile, Education, Career, Family & Husband

Sheng Hui Zi is a Chinese actress and model who has appeared in Chinese television dramas in minor roles. She has appeared in the popular Chinese film Unforgettable Love. This article provides basic information on Sheng Hui Zi, such as her full name, nickname, age, date of birth, education, birthplace, height, weight, gender, career, agent, house, family, and husband.

Sheng Hui Zi Biography

Bio, Education, and Family

Sheng Huizi was born on October 25, 1998, in Henan Province, China. She is currently 25 years old and lives in China at the moment. She is 168cm (5’6″) and weighs around 45kg (99 lbs) which are ideal body measurements as a Chinese actress. Her body type is skinny fit which appears beautiful on her.

Details about her early education, and family are currently unknown as she likes to keep her life private. We will soon update the articles with accurate details as soon as we find details about her education or as soon as the actress is revealed on the internet. She had taken graphic model training at the Beijing Vocational Model School before making her debut to acquire etiquette and develop her personality. During this time, Sheng Huizi also competed in a beautiful girl model contest, winning the title of Top Ten Beautiful Girls. In 2016, she was admitted to the Beijing Film Academy in sixth place, majoring in acting.

Her zodiac sign is Gemini. Geminis are known for their incredible speed, intelligence, adaptability, and curiosity. All of their superpowers make them fascinating to be around. Geminis values diversity, being open to new opportunities, and staying up-to-date on current events. Notorious gossipers! They are normally kind, yet there is a sliver of chilliness and distance caused by their Air element and twin personalities. You never know which Gemini will turn up, and one is always in the background taking notes and hiding secrets.


Sheng Huizi confirmed in an interview that she is in a relationship with a guy. She previously stated that she only wanted to date guys from famous circles. One of the top agency’s talent was related to her; she requested her new partner to marry her and stated that she wanted to become pregnant with him. However, according to the press, Sheng Huizi’s new lover is a man who has been her friend since she was a student. It would be interesting to find out when they both publish their connection.


Sheng Hui Zi made her acting debut in 2019 with the TV series “Love Better Than Immortality” as one of the supporting characters titled “Leng Ning” in the Chinese television entertainment business. Since then, she has worked on more than two projects in succession as a support position. Sheng Hui Zi was recently cast in the lead role of the TV drama “The Lady in Butcher’s House,” but she previously appeared in the TV series “Unforgettable Love” in 2021. Not only do netizens in her nation enjoy it, but netizens all over the world do as well, especially when Sheng Huizi posts great photos that anybody would appreciate and become viral. Some admirers choose to preserve a large number of her Instagram photos over unused screenshots in their phone’s gallery. That is what makes Sheng Huizi unique; she frequently engages with followers on all of her social media platforms, fostering an even closer link with idol admirers.

“Unforgettable Love” is a Chinese romantic drama released in 2021. The drama portrays the narrative of President He Qiaoyan, who makes a proposal to psychologist Qin Yiyue after learning that his son He Weifei wants the girl to be his mother. Unforgettable Love is an adaptation of the Chinese romantic novel “President He’s Wife”. True love blossomed between Qin Yi Yue (Hu Yi Xian) and He Qiao Yan (Miles Wei) because the latter’s nephew/adopted son Xiao Bao (Lennon Sun) refused to give up his desire to claim Yi Yue as his mother. True love blossomed between Qin Yi Yue and He Qiao Yan because the latter’s nephew/adopted son Xiao Bao (Lennon Sun) refused to give up his desire to claim Yi Yue as his mother. As a child psychologist, Yi Yue has a thorough understanding of Xiao Bao’s situation. Because of an accident that killed his parents, Xiao Bao has refused to speak and has isolated himself from his surroundings. Eventually, Yi Yue signs a document professing to be married to Qiao Yan. She has gradually pulled Xiao Bao out of his comfort zone. The manufactured relationship begins to take shape as they share both simple and meaningful moments. However, the happy family must confront another reality about their intertwined past, which resulted in Qiao Yan and Xiao Bao’s traumas and Yi Yue’s failure to realize her ambition of becoming a surgeon.

The Lady in Butcher’s House is a drama about Hu Jiao and Qing Jia who had been engaged since they were children. Hu Jiao was raised without a mother, who died when she was quite young. As a result, she is rough and violent, much like a tigress, rather than soft, sophisticated, and feminine. She has been a butcher since she was a child since her family is in the pork industry. On the other side, Qing Jia is a smart man and scholar who finished second in the imperial test. He is shy, yet committed to working for the people in an honest manner. After studying in the capital for several years, Qing Jia returns with the goal of marrying Hu Jiao. But Hu Jiao is not interested in marriage since she has no affection for Qing Jia. In the end, they agreed on a three-year contract marriage to avoid difficulties, as Qing Jia had denied marrying the Prime Minister’s youngest daughter while in the city, citing his betrothal to Hu Jiao. Following the wedding ceremony, the pair must relocate to Shangyong County, where Qing Jia has been assigned to serve as a magistrate. However, he is having difficulties at his new employment due to a corrupt boss and coworkers. As Hu Jiao and Qing Jia work together to overcome obstacles and preserve the welfare of the people, they grow to admire one another’s virtues and eventually fall in love. But further challenges await them as they encounter a powerful personality who uses the populace for personal benefit via his minions.

Please Be My Family is a Chinese drama. The plot revolves around two single parents, Qisi Le and Song Haoyu, who are pulled together by their children. Qisi Le has to get an order from Haoyu’s firm to pay for her daughter’s brain tumor operation. Meanwhile, Haoyu finds that Qisi Le owns a brooch that resembles his son’s. As they go through their personal and professional lives, they begin to develop affection for one another. The program delves into topics of family, romance, and fatherhood.


  • Please Be My Family (2023)
  • The Lady in Butcher’s House (2022)
  • Unforgettable Love (2021)
  • The Wolf Princess (2021)
  • Love Better Than Immortality (2019)


  • Unforgettable Love (2021)


  • Unforgettable Love: Extra Story (2021)
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