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Why Use React.js on Your Web Development Project

Web development is one of the cruising software development fields across the globe. Numerous new programming languages and software frameworks appear in the marketplace consistently, which makes the IT technologies so impulsive and unpredictable.

React (JavaScript library)

The IT industry faces many critical web development challenges owing to those fast changes in the web development languages and technologies.

In recent years, the React JavaScript framework has emerged as one of the top JS frameworks to create feature-rich website and applications with a great user experience.

At the same time, entrepreneurs face a tough time in quick positioning to benefit from those technologies in the market. At present, React JS has become the fastest growing framework in the industry; on the other hand, hiring a dedicated React.js developer has become an uphill challenge in the marketplace.

Let’s have a look at the major and disruptive technologies like React JS framework, the main reasons to choose it, and the major benefits it offers to the web development services.

This article will be helpful for entrepreneurs and software programmers to make clear ideas about the features, benefits, and reasons to choose the React JS development platform.

Major Web Development Languages & Frameworks

The web development industry consists of websites, web applications, and mobile applications. The global market value of cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) is expected to reach $76 billion by 2020, according to the Finance Online Research.

On the other hand, the professional web development market excluding CMS and static websites is huge. There are millions of corporate and business websites that don’t different web development technologies other than CMS or statistic web development platforms. Those websites use numerous best web development tools, languages, and frameworks as given below:

  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • C#
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Net
  • JS
  • Angular JS
  • JS

As far as the programming languages are concerned in the web development field, the JavaScript language is the most popular of all other languages.

A large number of JavaScript frameworks and libraries have been introduced in the marketplace to reduce the website development costs and to improve the user experience. A few very popular JavaScript frameworks are listed below.

  • React JS library
  • Angular JS framework
  • Vue JS framework
  • Ember JS framework
  • Meteor JS framework

The JavaScript frameworks are used both in the front-end development and the back-end development. The front-end web development JS frameworks are mostly used for the user interface development to improve the user experience on the websites.

What Is React JS Framework?

React JS is a JavaScript library for creating the responsive, interactive, mobile-friendly user interfaces. The responsive design is very important for SEO and conversion ratio improvement. It is a front-end web development JavaScript library extensively used in the websites and web applications.

It is used to make the views more modular and reusable components of the website. It allows the developers to create custom elements as we do in the HTML code. A large number of components created in React JS form a robust, responsive, and attractive webpage.

React JS is developed by the Facebook community and is an open source platform, which can be used, modified, and customized by the users at their will.

The React JS library was officially launched in 2013 under an open source license. Till this time, numerous improvements in the library have been incorporated to make this platform one of the most attractive in the world.

According to the Hacker Rank information, there is a huge gap in demand vs supply of React developers in the market. More than 33% of the employers want to hire a developer with React JS expertise, but the availability of the developers with React JS skills is just less than 19% in the market.

Thus, it is considered one of the most demanded skills in the present day market. The React JS web developer salary is comparatively higher than the other skills all around the globe.

The React JS library offers the following capabilities to modern web development.

  • Responsive design
  • Modular and reusable components.
  • Support for MVC model.
  • Support of lifecycle hooks for server-side communication.
  • Support for JSX and ECMAScript.

Major Reasons to Use React JS Framework for Web Development

As mentioned, the JavaScript language is the industry leading in the web app as well as website development. So, JavaScript is fundamental in website development. Numerous JavaScript libraries are extensively used for web development nowadays.

What are the main reasons for using the React JS in the front-end web development is one of the most important React.JS interview questions commonly asked by employers? Let’s have a deeper insight into the major reasons to use the React JS library for the front-end web development.

#1 Extensive Modularity

React JS offers a high level of modularity in developing the UI components that can act independently on a single webpage or on multiple web pages.

The modular approach to component development saves a lot of development time as well as helps improve user experience and web performance simultaneously. Creating basic components as well as wrapper components is so easy and efficient.

#2 Code Reusability

In React JS you can create numerous components, which can be reused on different web pages simultaneously without leaving any impact on the code previously used somewhere else in the website.

Thus, it offers a smooth and clear way of reusing the code again and again at different points. This improves code development time, deployment time and code maintenance.

#3 Effective Data Management

React JS supports Flux as well as Redux architecture, which helps maintain the database more effectively. The auto update of the data flow is very efficient in React JS, which makes the front-end development for eCommerce and other websites that use data synchronization frequently more efficient and effective. The presence of the views in the memory makes the data comparison and data up-dating more efficient and reliable.

#4 Fast Rendering Capability

The React JS library is very popular due to its capability of the fast rendering of the functions with the help of virtual DOM. In the normal JavaScript frameworks, it is very slow to update the normal DOMs, which create the performance issues on the websites.

This issue is resolved by the React JS library by introducing the virtual DOM, which updates the views very fast in very high-traffic web environments.

The changes in views are directly reflected in the virtual DOM, which is normally stored in the cache memory with its previous status of the data and views. The changes are easily compared in the memory and updated very fast. This way, the websites become more efficient and update the views comparatively fast.

#5 Support of Powerful Tools

React JS supports many powerful tools and auxiliary frameworks. Two very important web development tools known as Redux developer tools and React developers tools are integrated parts of this library, which allow the developers to build many functions easily.

These tools can easily be accessed as the plugins in the browsers like Google Chrome. Using the Redux library is very efficient and easy while working with the Redux developer tool.

Another important aspect in terms of additional tools is that the React Native platform is accompanied by the React JS library. The React Native allows you to write Android and iOS applications more professionally in the React JS library like environment. The code pattern is almost same in both React JS and React Native, so you can easily expand your expertise.

Benefits of Using React JS Framework

React JS is getting popular very fast during the past couple of years due to the many great benefits that it offers to the developers as well as the enterprises. There many powerful technical features and capabilities from which the developers can benefit hugely in developing, maintaining, and testing the UI environments.

Benefits of Using React JS Framework

The entrepreneurs can benefit from the performance, abstraction, and user experience that the websites and web applications developed by the React JS provide. The main benefits of using the React JS library are mentioned below:

  • React JS library and its allied UI development tools improve the software development time and reduce the overall cost of the development.
  • It has many powerful capabilities like reusability and modularity, which make it one of the easiest framework to use.
  • The learning curve very short, which incurs fewer charges to the companies for the training purposes.
  • Native tools like React Native, Redux tools, React development tools and other provide greater flexibility and freedom in UI development.
  • It offers high performance and quick data updates due to virtual DOM.
  • Effective one-way data binding.
  • The use of JSX creates simplicity in mixing the JavaScript and HTML codes easily.
  • Offers wider test coverage owing to modular testing of ReactJS views as functions.
  • Powerful support by a large community.
Final Takeaway

In the nutshell, there are many JavaScript frameworks and libraries, but the React JS is the fasted growing JS library in the marketplace. From this discussion, we can conclude that:

  • JavaScript is the top UI development language.
  • React JS is a JavaScript library, not a framework.
  • React JS is the fasted growing JS library.
  • Major competitors of React JS library are Vue JS and Angular JS.
  • Demand for React JS developers is very high.
  • Average salary to hire a React JS developer is high.
  • Performance, reusability, testability, virtual DOM, Flux, Redux, React Native, and ease of use are the major reasons for its popularity in the market.
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