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Top 10 Video Players for android Smartphones

Today we are going to see post on top 10 video player for android phones. Currently there are around 9,00,000 android applications which are available in market. But as you know that there are many low quality applications available in android market. And it is really a difficult job for selecting out the best ones from those applications. So, today I have decided to help you out in choosing the best video players for your android smartphones. Continue reading this article and find out the best video playing applications for android operating system.

Video Players for android Smartphones

Video Players for android Smartphones:

1. VLC Media player for android

I think that you all are familiar with this application. VLC media player provides all cool and amazing features that are essential for watching the media files. This application is the most popular media player available on android operating system. Really guys, I will surely recommend you this application for your smartphone if you want to experience the best.
You can get this application easily on Play store without playing a rupee for this app.

Download VLC Media Player for Android : Click Here

2. BS Player

Bs Player is a simple media player which contains many amazing features. If you don’t like those applications which are complicated and can’t be controlled easily then BS player will be best for you. With the help of this media player you can directly play your media files even if they are in compressed form. You can also play your music in background while doing some other work with the help of this media player. If you have a confusion yet then let me tell you that this media player plays all type of popular media formats.

Download BS Media Player : Click Here

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3. Easy Video Player

If you are from those android users who are wanting privacy for your media files then this trust me this application is made for you. This media player helps you in having the privacy control on your video files. Like all the above media player this media player also supports all type of popular media formats. Not only this much but this media player is Wifi enabled and you can easily do advanced video sorting.

Download Easy Video Player : Click Here

4. MoboPlayer

This is from the best video players which supports all type of video formats. You can easily play Hd quality videos with the help of this application on your smartphones. MoboPlayer supports Multi subtitles and audio streams. This Video player has simple but effective interference which is very impressive.

Download MoboPlayer : Click Here

Video Players for android Smartphones

5. Mx Player

This is one of the best player available for free on android market. This Player is a complete package for those who want the best and do you know this is the first media player which supports multi core decoding. This Media player also have kid lock for enjoying your videos more comfortably. This media player have auto resume option so that you can resume your videos easily.

Download MxPlayer : Click Here

6. GPlayer

Gplayer is an excellent players which offers you many type of cool and outstanding features. You can even enjoy your media files when you are busy with your other works on your smartphone with the help of it awesome floating screen. This player supports all type of famous video types so that you don’t need to take much tension. This player works very smoothly so that you can enjoy your media files without getting annoyed.

Download GPlayer : Click Here

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7. DicePlayer

With amazing interface and some playback features I have listed DicePlayer on 7th place on my list. The clean and simple design make this player different from other players. Not only these features but this player offers you a screen view lock when you are enjoying your media files. I want to say that you should try this player once and believe me guys you will surely enjoy this player a lot.

Download DicePlayer : Click Here

8. Winamp

Winamp is now available for android platform also. If you have ever operated this player on your Pc then you know what are the features of this player. The users will be getting the same features which they are getting from it’s desktop version. I have used this player and really guys this player fall me love with it.

Download Winamp : Click Here

Video Players for android Smartphones

9. VPlayer

VPlayer provides you all those services which you are getting from the above players. Smooth viewing, view lock, and other more features are well organized in this player. The most interesting thing about this player is that it tries to consume very less battery of your mobile while playing the videos.

Download VPlayer : Click Here

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10. Netflix

Netflix is specially for those users who want to enjoy film daily. With the help of Monthly sub you can easily get access to thousands of film. If you want to try the services of this player then you can enjoy their free trial offer full access which is for a month and as I know one month is enough for observing the services.

Download Netflix : Click Here

So, these are the best video players which are available for free on your android operating system.

Hope, you have enjoyed this article and if you have any type of confusion or questions regarding this article so please leave a comment below and ask your doubts. At the last do not forgot to share this article with your friends… 🙂

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