Everything You Need To Know About Online Casino Bonuses

When you take a look at the online casinos that are on offer, you’ll see that each of them has a bonus that is aimed at new players to the site. While one site might offer you 50 free spins upon sign up, another might offer you some cash back on your first deposit.

About Online Casino Bonuses

It can be very difficult to find the right casino when there are so many different options, so we have put together a guide on everything you need to know about online casino bonuses. You can find some promo codes, coupons and bonus for online casino on some website like Keep reading to find out more and make your decision based on which bonus is best for you when playing online.

Welcome Bonus

The bonuses that are offered to new players to an online casino are often called welcome bonuses. These will be strictly for those who have never signed up to that particular site before and are usually quite impressive. These are what makes you take that first step to signup, so you’ll see the offer promoted around the site.

Welcome bonuses come in many different shapes and sizes with some being a one-off offer and others lasting through your first few deposits. Make sure to read all terms and conditions of each welcome bonus to make sure you know what you are signing up to.

1] Wagering Requirements

One of the things you’ll see in the terms and conditions for many of the welcome bonuses and other promotions on these online casinos is the term ‘wagering requirements.’ This is something which casinos put in place to make sure that they are not giving away too much, and it can help their offer to look a lot better when they are promoting it.

This term usually means that you need to spend a certain amount of your deposit or bonus on the site before you can move onto winning real cash. Wagering requirements can be very high on some sites while others promote the fact that they don’t have any at all.

Remember to check for these and if a site has 50x wagering requirements or more on your bonus then you’re probably not going to get much for your money.

2] Free Spins Bonus

If video slot games are what interests you most, then you might enjoy some of the free spins bonuses that sites offer. Usually, a site will offer around 50 free spins to be played on the site to new players or they will choose a specific game that you need to play them out on.

Other welcome bonuses might offer a two-part bonus which comes with some extra free spins thrown on top of their offering. Free spins can be very exciting, and you could win a lot of cash on your slot of choice without having to spend a penny.

3] No Deposit Bonus

When looking at some of the online casinos on offer, you might have seen bonuses advertised as no deposit bonuses. A No Deposit Bonus which you can receive from sites such as Stakers is a really good form of bonus that lets you have some bonus cash added to your account as soon as you sign up.

This is perfect for those players who aren’t sure if they want to make a deposit on the new site yet and want to start off by playing some of the games. Many sites offer no deposit bonuses with some offering £7 and others going as high as £88.

Although this cash might come with some wagering requirements, it is a great way of getting started on a casino and it is arguably the best type of welcome bonus.

4] Match Bonus

Another type of welcome bonus that you might come across on an online casino is a match bonus. This is a very impressive type of bonus and usually involves you making a deposit and having it doubled. Match bonuses will be advertised as a percentage so you might be offered a ‘100% match bonus’.

These will usually come with upper limits on how much you can get back on your first deposit, but they tend to go as high as £200. This essentially means that you are doubling your first deposit and have lots more cash to play with.

Some sites will even offer you match bonuses on your first few deposits, although the percentage usually goes down after the initial deposit. Make sure to check this type of bonus out if you think it might be the right one for you.

5] VIP Bonuses

Online casino bonuses are not just for new players, some sites will also offer exclusive bonuses for their loyal players. VIP bonuses differ from site to site, but you’ll usually find that you’ll get a certain bonus back on how much you spend each month.

The bigger your stakes, the bigger the bonus you’ll get and hopefully you’ll be able to win big using your bonus cash. You can usually find out more about this type of bonus in the VIP club available on your site of choice.

6] Refer A Friend Bonus

The final bonus that you should know about on online casinos is a refer a friend bonus. This is quite simple as it is for those players who encourage their friend to sign up to the site.

So, if you love playing slots on your site and you give your friend a sign up code to join – you’ll usually get a cash bonus or some free spins to play with. Some sites even offer you a percentage of their first deposit so make sure to look out for this.

Final Thoughts

Online casino bonuses can be quite complicated but if you follow our handy guide, you can find the right welcome bonus for you and get the most for your money. Always remember to read the terms and conditions and consider any wagering requirements. Do your research, sign up now and start winning those big amounts of cash in no time!

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