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4 Benefits Of Online Payment Methods Thanks to FinTech Innovations

As we look at the pros and cons of biometric security systems today, it is clear how digital and financial transaction methods have evolved considerably over the last few years in the 21st century.

From the ancient cowry and barter payment to the age of metal coins as far back as 450BCs to paper money in the 70s and 80s, to credit and debit cards in the early 90s and now the era of contactless internet, mobile, and smartphone payments.

Benefits Of Online Payment Methods

Life could not be easier for a world people do business on a daily basis. The idea of not having to be physically present to pay for a transaction, or paying for services rendered, is bliss!

Apparently, the technological ‘know-how’ of the global village has grown rapidly over-time, as means of payment for transactions amongst humans have been made simpler and its benefits cannot be over-emphasized.

This article seeks to give you an insight into the benefits of online paying methods if you are not knowledgeable about them, and why you should hop on the train if you are yet to employ it for your day-to-day transactional activities, either for personal or business purposes.

4 Advantages of Online Payment Methods

Over the years, some companies have identified the strategic advantages of the FinTech industry and created new start-ups to join the team committed to making the world a better place via personalized online payment methods.

BigWallet Payments, under the umbrella of Axios Holding, founded by Rati Tchelidze, is a licensed payment institution supervised by the Central Bank of Cyprus. The brand opens the doors to international markets and online shopping where payment acceptance is no longer a problem but a competitive advantage.

It aims to solve its client problem through a seamless payment solution, hence the growth in its client’s business by simplifying and taking away every payment headache allowing them to focus on other parts of their business that enhance business growth.

Through FinTech startups like BigWallet, the technology behind digital transactions today enables us to benefit from four major online payment advantages compared to traditional banking and cash transactions.

Immediate Payment and Notification

Either for an individual or a brand, the online payment method now allows for an instantaneous form of payment. Swift and right on the spot. The two parties usually involved in a transaction do not have to be physical to make payments.

This is obviously advantageous to brands and businesses as customers do not have to be physically present to make their various purchases. Most online platforms for payment usually offer the right on-time notification for transactions.

This indicates whether or not it is a failed or successful transaction. It also serves as a form of assurance to both parties involved in the transaction.

Easy and Reliable Worldwide Transaction

Online payment methods have made transactions across the world pretty easy for all and sundry. Particularly for businessmen and women that have to deal across the globe, there now exist several online invoice software that allows for international transactions, quite secured and credible.

Recurrent Payment Made Easy

There are platforms that require users to sign up and make re-current payments within a stipulated period to ensure continuous access. This is also sometimes known as a ‘subscription-based service’.

Thanks to online payment methods via credit cards and even apps, people can renew their subscriptions anywhere and anytime. If your brand offers this type of service, you don’t necessarily have to keep sending reminders to customers all the time.

You can simply collect payments programmed to be deducted automatically after the expiration of each subscription span.

Credit Cards and Point-Payment System

As humans, we sometimes encounter unforeseen circumstances at one time or the other. Some of which require financial transactions to remedy at such points. If one is ever in need of such ‘SOS’, Online payment methods can be easily accessed via smartphones to save the day.

There is also the advantage of credit cards that allow for ‘no or low balance purchase’. Individuals can use their credit cards to pay for services even without having money in various bank accounts. This can work for both one-off and installment payments for services.

Asides from that is also the ‘point-payment system’, where customers can earn points overtime from consistent patronage to eventually be able to pay for certain services with such points.

New Era of Online Transactions

As much as a steady flow of cash is paramount to any brand, there is also the need to consider what would be convenient for clients. Businesses are now opening their arms to online payments knowing, it is faster, easier, and more effective.

Online wallets are now used to securely store clients’ transactional information and funds combines multiple payment methods and even allows for other payments with other non-paper forms of money such as ‘Cryptocurrency’ and ‘Bitcoin’.

At this rate, it is no gainsaying that we are in an era of online payments and business transactions. If it was supposed to be the future, then the future is now!

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