Underdog Picks for the 2023 Heisman Trophy Award

The Heisman Trophy award is the most prestigious award in College Football, given to the player deemed most valuable to their team during the season. It is an award that has been won by legends of the sport, from Barry Sanders and Joe Burrow to Archie Griffin and Johnny Manziel.

The oddsmakers have already set the gambling odds for the favourites to take home the trophy this year, and there are plenty of interesting candidates. While Caleb Williams and Jayden Daniels stand as the favourites, there are other players with more intriguing odds that we want to look at. Let’s look at some of the top underdog picks for the 2023 Heisman Trophy Award.

Heisman Trophy Award

Cade Klubnik (+1200)

According to some of the top betting sites showcased on MyBetting Canada, Clemson has some of the highest odds of making the College Football Playoffs this season. If that’s the case, their quarterback would be a big reason why. Klubnik looked okay in his first glimpse of action last season, but after another year of preparing, he should be ready to lead the Tigers. Clemson will have a new system from Garrett Riley, which should open up the offence more and lead to plenty of strong showings from the up-and-coming Klubnik.

J.J. McCarthy (+1800)

J.J. McCarthy’s odds seem criminally low, considering he is the quarterback piloting an incredibly talented offence that is turning more to the passing game this season. Michigan made the playoffs last year and seems poised to do so again, and there is no questioning the talent the team has. They will have one of the top defences in the sport, an excellent offensive line, and plenty of rising skill position players. McCarthy will be the unquestioned engine this season, his third with Michigan. It should be the year where he breaks out and establishes himself as one of the best, and maybe the best, in the sport.

Sam Hartman (+1800)

Sam Hartman has spent the past few seasons breaking records at Wake Forest. While he has been incredible, the spotlight on him has been relatively small, considering the lack of national attention Wake Forest receives. Now, Hartman will take over at Notre Dame. He will receive plenty of attention with the historic team and will play behind an incredible offensive line. While things won’t be as wide open as they were at Wake Forest, Hartman will definitely get his chances. If Notre Dame is a strong contender this year, Hartman will receive some Heisman love.

Marvin Harrison Jr. (+3000)

A wide receiver winning the Heisman is something of an outlandish bet, but it just happened in 2020. If anyone in the sport can add to the ranks of Heisman-winning wide receivers, it is Marvin Harrison Jr. He is one of the most gifted players we have seen at the position in a long time and had 1,263 yards and 14 touchdowns last season. If he can add to those totals, he will be hard to keep off the Heisman ballot. The only thing holding him back is a new starting quarterback and the other elite talent at Ohio State that will certainly eat into his touches.

QuinshonJudkins (+8000)

This one is admittedly not very likely, considering Ole Miss isn’t considered a real threat to contend this season. But if Judkins puts up monster numbers at running back, it might not even matter. Judkins had a massive true freshman season, rushing for 1,567 yards and 15 touchdowns. With Zach Evans leaving Ole Miss, he will have even more opportunities to pad those totals. Judkins could put up a 2,000-yard season in the SEC, he is genuinely that good, and if he does, it will be difficult to overlook.

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