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The Best Finance Management Apps for You

Personal Finance Management Apps: Money is the one thing which moves the whole world. From earning it and storing it, to spending, lending and investing, financial decisions are strenuous ones, and need to be taken after a considerable amount of rumination, because all financial activities will eventually take a toll on the financial health.

There were times when planning and managing one’s resources was a tedious activity involving writing pads, checkbooks, bills, receipts and calculators. Those days are long gone, as there is a host of easy to use apps which you can install on your smartphone or tablet to stay on top of these chores, and actually make them seem routine and rather fun.

Top Finance Management Apps to Manage Your Money

Best Money Management Apps

Expensify (Cross-platform, Free)

Expensify is possibly the most versatile finance management apps you can have. After downloading it and setting it up, you can set up all credit accounts, and then let the app download and track all your expenses. Using the app, you can categorize, sort and label different expenses. For each transaction, you can use your iPhone to click pictures of corresponding receipts. If you want to create an expense report, you can simply select the transactions from the list and let Expensify handle the rest. The final report will have a detailed summary of expenditure and include all relevant e-receipts. This PDF attachment can be emailed to any recipient. This sure makes life easier for all professionals who need to hand in expense reports regularly. It also helps you keep track of your expenses really well.

PageOnce Personal Finance Premium (Cross-Platform, Free/ $6.99)

This is one of the most unique finance apps you will find, because, unlike other apps which allow you to track your income, expenditures and finances, PageOnce (categorized as a financial aggregator) is a platform for you to consolidate all your financial, social, travel and shopping accounts into a single application. Once you register with a PageOnce account, you will need to add all your other accounts, from credit cards and banking to pretty much any paid online service like Netflix, eBay or Twitter.

PageOnce Personal Finance Premium App

PageOnce Personal Finance Premium

Once done, it will set up an interface for you to track all your accounts in one place. You will not be allowed to make any custom entries. The entire purpose of the app is to ensure that you do not need to log in to several places to check the status of transactions, accounts etc. The free version is packed with all the same goodness, but the only downside is that it contains ads.

HomeBudget (Cross-platform, $2.99)

Another great app to track all your money and stay within a basic budget is HomeBudget. The interface is intuitive and splits into two screens. The list on the left is for navigation between accounts, reports, payees, bills, income, expenses and budget, while the selected option appears on the right. It takes a little time to learn its use. However, it is only applicable for a single account, as you cannot specify which account a transaction has been made from, and hence will lose track.

iBank (iOS, separate versions for iPhone and iPad, $14.99)

iBank is one of the very best personal finance management apps. It has a fantastic interface, especially the iPad version, which has been built to utilize the large screen to the fullest. You can track pretty much all finances in the app, from checking the savings accounts, to investments, loans, mortgages and credit cards.

iBank Money Management App

iBank Mobile App

You can download and categorize transactions if supported. Several currencies are supported, and accounts can be grouped into “books” for ease of use. You can generate and access reports for almost any category whenever you want to. The user interface is rather intuitive, but you can always utilize the inbuilt tutorials, interactive help menu, forums and chat option to clear any doubts. Also, it has a 30 day free trial period!

You Need A Budget (Cross-Platform, Free app, Paid Subscription (~ $60)

YNAB is one of the most sophisticated budgeting and finance management software suites available on the internet. Earlier available as desktop software only, it has now broadened its horizons to iOS and Android as well. While the app itself is free, the service requires you to pay a one-time $60 subscription fee, for a permanent license which never expires. There are no other payment plans, so this may seem a bit harsh, but the unparalleled feature set is totally worth it.



While the budgeting software is a large part of it, YNAB also includes tutorials, budgeting tips and tools, financial literacy classes and a lot more. Once set up, the app can run offline as well, so this allows you to have access to your financial data no matter where you are. It can import all transactions, debts and details from credit cards, banks, investment funds, retirement funds and several other accounts. To know more about national debt relief, visit our site.

You may then proceed to set budgets and financial goals and it guides you through the planning and adherence process. There is a 34-day free trial, beyond which you will need to pay the subscription fee of $60. One license is valid for eternity, and for all systems. The price tag may seem hefty, but from time to time, they offer huge discounts, sometimes more than 50%. You could also purchase discounted licenses during Steam sales. Also, if you are a college student, you could email them with valid proof of enrollment, and they’ll send you a free license valid till the end of the year. Once expired, you could renew it by sending another email, till you graduate.

YNAB is tremendously easy to use, and has a huge community to answer any questions which may arise. It allows you to break the cycle of paycheck-to-paycheck living, and helps you save money. It supports all major financial institutions as well.

Through these Finance Management apps, you should be able to keep tabs on your finances and actually be able to save a good deal of money by spending properly and saving well.

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  • Thank you Harshil for posting this article and sharing some best finance management apps. Finance management is the important part for every entrepreneur. There were times when planning and managing one’s resources was a tedious activity. Those days are long gone, as there is a host of easy to use apps which you can install on your smartphone or tablet to stay on top of these chores, and actually make them seem routine and rather fun. This article shares some top finance management apps to manage your money. Overall this article is more helpful. Keep posting such articles. Keep it up.

  • Great article on the best finance management applications. You had said correctly that “Money is the one thing that moves the whole world”. Money is the part and parcel of everyone’s life. Long time ago, people used to manage the finance through bills, receipts etc, but nowadays easy to use apps are available which you can install on your smartphones. This article gives you some best apps for managing the finance. One should manage the their finance carefully. Most of the peoples in the world suffers from the debt burden due to finance. The best option to get relief from debt is to search for national debt relief companies. These companies helps you to get out from it. Thank you Harshil Barot for posting this article.