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Tips on Writing a High-Converting Facebook Post

Facebook continues to be on top when it comes to marketing, as some of the latest studies suggest. According to recent research done by Statista, Facebook drives more e-commerce sales than Pinterest and drives traffic 20x higher than Twitter.

High-Converting Facebook Post

Despite that, you’ll still have to write posts in such a way that it will attract people and eventually convince them to buy your products or services. If advertising products efficiently through social platforms is what you want to learn, today we’ll give you a few tips on how to write high-converting Facebook posts.

Tip #1 Think about the “Triple Es”

The “triple Es” stands for Educate, Excite, and Entertain, which should be your main goals when you create a Facebook post. Let’s take each one individually and see what do you need to do to produce the results you want.

Your Facebook posts should be a rich source of education and valuable information for your fans and followers, even if you’re using it to sell products or services. You can easily get heavy traffic for your product by uploading it. Using bullets and paragraphs will help you provide useful information to your audience and also make your posts look better.

Excitement can be created through a high-quality headline. Even though your post will have valuable information, the title should be the most eye-catching and attractive part of it.

The last part of a high-converting Facebook post is entertaining, and this is generally created at a visual level. Since you’ve already used text for educational information, adding photos, videos, graphic design, timeline cover, etc. will be the ideal way to make people laugh or feel better.

Tip #2 Highlight your Brand’s Attributes

Each business, company or brand has its own unique personality, and your audience needs to know more characteristics of it.

If you’re advertising products of some kind (like on marketing platforms such as Clicksdealer.com), you’ll need to put in the spotlight your strengths, what’s the value they get from these products, and why should they purchase specifically from you.

Look at famous people and entrepreneurs like Tony Robbins, Lewis Howes, or Michael Hyatt, for example, and see how they managed to highlight their brand uniqueness in a genuine way.

Tip #3 Create Engagement

Even though there will be a lot of people reading your posts, that won’t necessarily translate into a massive number of people buying your products or services. In order to increase the convertibility, you’ll also need to challenge your viewers to get engaged, give thumbs ups, comment on your posts, share them, ask questions, give advice, etc.

Having real people engaged in your posts will prove that you genuinely have a lot of loyal followers, and that way your page will attract even more new people.

Tip #4 Understand Audience’s Needs

Understand Audience’s Needs


Today like other social sites Facebook is entertaining its user and give help them to maintain their business. Keep uploading new post and products to get the publicity of your page. It enhances your business both commercially and economically once your page gets popular on Facebook.

Your posts must attract the audience. It will only attract them if it interests them.You have to create an audience persona (attributes of target audience) and understand their likes and dislikes. Irrelevant posts will only waste your time and efforts.

Consistent posts that are irrelevant to your audience will only result in unlikes of your page.Make your audience persona as accurate as possible through proper research.

The main thing is how you handle your Facebook page. You have to make it attractive, and if it is eye-catching then only you can get massive traffic for your products.

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